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money Today On The Ed Schultz ShowRobert Greenwald from Brave New Films joins the 1st hour of Today’s show to discuss The United States entering its tenth year in Afghanistan.

Attorney Mike Papantonio joins the 2nd hour of Today’s show to discuss the Chamber of Commerce using foreign funds to support Republican candidates.

Con. Jim Clyburn, D-SC, House Majority Whip, joins the 3rd hour of Today’s show to discuss the Chamber of Commerce’s practices.

Campaigning for Democrats, President Barack Obama is warning his party’s rank-and-file of the dangers of “sulking and sitting back.” We’ll talk about it.

House Republicans have drafted a go-for-broke blueprint for the final weeks of the midterm campaign that will bring them to $45 million in television ad spending. We’ll give you the details.

U.S. companies are buying back stock instead of investing for jobs. We’ll bring you the latest.


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