electoral map Tonight On The Mike Malloy Show

(Photo by TheLawleys/Flickr)


Welcome, Truthseekers, to Monday Malloy Madness!  We’ll be discussing all things electoral in this the final week of campaigning, and will explore the repercussions of a GOP/Teabagger takeover of Congress.  What could happen turly is the stuff of nightmares, very appropriate for this Halloweek.

Joining us today is Senator Mark Begich, Democrat from Alaska, to discuss the elections in general and Joe Miller specifically.

Plus, the aftermath of the Wikileaks Iraq document release – much ado about nothing, or have vital US security interests been breached.  Did we learn anything we didn’t know?  And finally, we’ll revisit the recent Ginny Thomas/Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill flurry of news stories and the curious timing of Ginny’s bizarre call to Ms. Hill’s Brandeise University office.

Join us for three hours of flying-monkey-free fun and frivolity at 9PM!


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