This Afternoon On The Norman Goldman Show

norm This Afternoon On The Norman Goldman ShowJustice is served on America today! Well, the Democrats and Republicans of America, certainly! Why did California buck the trend of Tuesday’s election? There are lessons to be learned and I will teach them today!

It’s also “Senior Legal Analyst” time! Iowa’s voters kicked three judges off the Iowa Supreme Court. Why? I’ll explain and we’ll explore the differences between state and federal courts!

The stock market is surging – and there is a headline: “Business’ New friend: Congress”. These dots need to be (and will be) connected – but how do the “Tea Partiers” square this?

Should big money Democrats replicate the Karl Rove and U.S. Shameber of Commerce strategy of dumping huge amounts of secret money in the 2012 elections? I have thoughts – including one VERY unconventional thought – and would love to hear your reaction!

Fierce independence means independent thinking – a BIG example of that today – at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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