This Afternoon On The Norman Goldman Show

olbermann This Afternoon On The Norman Goldman Show

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Justice is served on MSNBC, NBC and Fox Boobs today! If you have not heard what happened with Keith Olbermann, you MUST be with us today! Big news and big controversy!

An insider from the health insurance industry reveals the ugly truth about Republicans and their “repeal Obamacare” campaign – it’s a fraud – and I’ll have the story for you!

We wrap up the week that was huge in the elections, with a recap of where we are and what is still to be decided.

Nancy Pelosi is staying and fighting. She made an announcement today and I’ll have details for you!

There are new job numbers out and they are good! News and commentary on that today!

Fierce independence is displayed today and every day – we go after our friends when the truth demands it – and the truth demands it today, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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