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Julian Assange by Dan Kitwood of Getty Images News

Quote of the Day: “We need a new environmental consciousness on a global basis. To do this, we need to educate people.” —  Mikhail Gorbachev

Hour One: What do we need to learn from Ireland and Putin today?  Economics journalist/author Eamonn Fingleton will be here –;  Plus, WikiLeaks – why are journalists doing the Pentagon’s bidding and is it a national security threat?  Investigative journalist Pratap Chatterjee will be here –

Hour Two: Can you really catch an STD from the TSA?!  Thom challenges Bob Unruh, News Editor at World Net Daily –; Plus, a young mom describes her nightmare at the hands of TSA workers – Stacey Armato will be here –

Hour Three: Is Cancun the last chance for a post-Kyoto climate deal?  Environmental author/activist Bill McKibben, Founder of the 350 Campaign, checks in from the Cancun Climate Summit –


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