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Mike returns LIVE tonight to deconstruct the flap over the latest Wikileaks document dump, how damaging was it, really? And what of the argument of government needing it’s dirty little secrets to protect the people? Whatever happened to the concept of government by, of, and for the people? Oh, nevermind.

Also up for discussion is the latest non-bombing thwarted terrorist attack by a disgruntled Somali teen. Heck, we’ve got po’d kinds in our hood who blow stuff up all the time for kicks and giggles. They just never went to Pakistan first. Plus, the possible return to conflict in Korea, Black Friday and Wall Street, those pesky TSA searches, and why some Christians have declared war on . . . yoga?

Join us at 9PM ET for three hours of flying-monkey-free fun and frivolity! And thanks as well to all our sponsors who make this program possible! Want to hear Mike read your personal message, holiday greeting, or advertising on the air? Check it out! Makes a great gift . . . .


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