Norm Tackles The Tax “Deal”, START Treaty, Wall Street Bonuses And More

This Afternoon @ 3pm On The Norman Goldman Show

Justice was NOT served today on the tax “deal”. The Senate passed it by a whopping majority. Now, onto the House of Representatives. Will it pass there? Analysis and your calls today!

The New START Treaty is up on the Senate floor for debate now. What is it and why should we care? We speak with Ira Lechner of the Council for a Livable World about it!

Wall Street bonuses may actually be higher this year than last year! This despite the bailouts and the new tax compromise – just how much is enough? The news and your thoughts today! And, in a semi-related story, the Supreme Court recently heard a case about credit card companies (read: banks) ripping us off. Guess which side the President was on? The story today.

Perhaps overshadowed by these other events, the U.S. government has just sued BP over the Gulf Gusher. I’ll have details today!

Fierce independence means going after those who are doing wrong – without regard to party affiliation! We do that here every day at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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