Eric Cantor Needs A Civics Lesson

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Boehner And House Republicans Discuss Long-Term Spending Cut Bill

In yet another move by House Republicans that creates zero jobs and proposes legislation that is certain to die in the Senate, the so-called “Government Shutdown Prevention Act” passed the House Friday 221-202 after debate that included reading from a children’s book but not the Constitution.

Under the clearly unconstitutional Republican legislation, the budget that previously passed in the House and was rejected by the Senate would become “the law of the land”, without Senate approval or presidential authorization, by April 6 seemingly just because Eric Cantor says so.

MSNBC’s Lawernce O’Donnell was one of the first to pick up on Majority Leader Cantor’s utter ignorance on the subject of how a bill becomes a law.

Perhaps Eric Cantor (and the 220 other House Republicans that voted for the bills passage) need a refresher in the basic fundamentals of government.  Though with the cuts to the public education system occurring throughout our nation, they may a have difficult time finding a civics class.  I guess this classic “School House Rock” video will have to do for now.

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