Along with smart phones, laptops and Mp3 players, there are other things your graduate might enjoy. With “pomp and circumstance” coming, here are some ideas to help you shop for that perfect gift.

An External Hard Drive
This is possibly the single most important piece of electronics to a college student after a laptop. The last thing the student needs is for their computer to crash and all their data to disappear. This is a great gift to give any graduate.

Zipcar for University membership
Instead of taking a car to campus, or depending on taxis, you can invest in a Zipcar membership. Located at over 100 US university and college campuses, students with Zipcar memberships can reserve a car online, pick it up with their Zipcard, and have access to 180 miles of travel per day, with gas and comprehensive insurance included.

Flash Drives
A flash drive is an extremely useful device for college students, and one can never have too many. They are small, portable and cheap!

Gym Membership
For some college grads who are getting out into the “real” world, they won’t have access to their university’s gym equipment. A gym membership is a thoughtful way to keep their stress levels down, and energy levels up.

Coffee Giftcard
For all that late night studying, or hanging out with friends, a coffee gift card is appreciated by high school and college grads alike.

Skype Account
Set up an account on Skype so your student can call home for little to nothing. Or get an HD webcam for group video chatting.

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  2. Should you post more definitive things, like ugly kitbashes of MegaMan characters from Gundam, Iron Man, and GI Joe toys?

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