Feeling English today? Pop in For Something British in Redmond

In a little strip mall just north of Redmond Town Center off of Redmond Way is a proper English shop and restaurant called “The British Pantry”.  Family owned, it’s been around for over 25 years.  You can sit and eat in Neville’s restaurant.  They feature traditional English fare like bangers and mash and fish and chips. You can also pick up pastys (little meat pies) and baked goods in the bakery for your Royal Wedding viewing party at home.

Just missing some good British jam, mustard or relish?  The British Pantry has scads of English foodstuffs.  Cadbury chocolate fan?  More than chocolate eggs, they have Flake and Crunchie bars.  And tea? Well, of course.

If you set the DVR or watch it live overnight tonight –  11am British Standard Time on April 29 is 3am in Seattle (PDT).  Here are some of the channels covering the event LIVE:

— ABC (1 am);

— CBS (2 am);

— NBC (1 am);

— BBCAmerica (midnight);

— CNN (1 am);

— Fox (1 am);

— TLC (3 am)


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