Popcorn. It’s not just for the movies anymore. Here are some gourmet shops to try around the Sound:

Kukuruza Gourmet Popcorn
215 Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98101

Just three blocks from Pike Place Market, Kukuruza was started by Robert Hicks, who was never a big fan of popcorn, and wanted something different. From natural popcorn to kettle corn to everything gourmet, Kukuruza has come up with a Seattle gift that you can take home as a souvenir, use as corporate gifts, or just enjoy during a stroll through the Market. Try the Rainbow Mixed Fruit, a multi-colored sweet sensation of fruity goodness in your mouth. The Tuxedo is a smart little concoction of chocolate, white chocolate and caramel popcorn. And the Black Raspberry Liqueur with Vanilla Cream is a French inspiration that will leave you saying, “trés bon.”

POP Gourmet Popcorn
914 S. 3rd Street
Renton WA 98057

POP has delicious popcorn, yes, but what makes it different is the nearly 100 different “mix in’s” you can choose from to create your own, one-of-a-kind flavor of popcorn. They also have their own recipes, in case you can’t decide. The Big House is Peanut Butter Caramel, M&Ms, Marshmallows, Cinnamon Toast Crunch all mixed in by a “popcornologist” for you. Having a party? POP will come to you with mix ins, or create a themed popcorn for your event. Fundraising for a club or school? POP will work with you to help you raise money for your cause.

Great Northwest Popcorn
1948 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402

This cute little popcorn and candy shop across the street from the Washington State Historical Museum will draw you in with its delectable scent alone. Try the Tacoma Mix – a bag of fluffy cheese and sticky sweet caramel popcorn. The chili lime popcorn is just the right mix of sweet and spicy. Feeling Deluxe today? Then it’s caramel popcorn mixed with almonds, cashews, pecans, peanuts and then drizzled with dark chocolate. Protein and antioxidants all in one bag! The original popcorn has big kernels, with just the right amount of salt and melted butter. They also have a “popcorn of the month” club, which is great if you’d like a different popcorn delivered to you every month. Or it could be a monthly care package for your kid at college away from home.

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