This month marks a great milestone for Alaska Airlines and Gogo Inflight Internet — almost every plane in Alaska’s fleet will be equipped with inflight Wi-Fi service. In total, 92% of the fleet will offer Gogo Inflight Internet, with only seven Boeing 737’s not equipped. Those seven planes include freight/passenger combo aircraft and three leased aircraft.

To celebrate, Alaska Airlines is offering its passengers complimentary access to Facebook throughout the month of June, so be sure to make FACEBOOK your first stop.  You’ll know that you are on a Wi-Fi enabled plane thanks to a Wi-Fi decal next to the boarding door. Once the plane reaches 10,000 feet, you’ll be able to turn on your portable device and search for the “gogoinflight” Wi-Fi network.

And through July 31st, access will be free of charge, compliments of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card – saving you up to $12.95 per flight. You’ll need to use the promotional code “ALASKAVISA” to bring the price down to $0.  Once the free period ends, access prices will vary between $4.95 and $12.95 depending on the length of the flight and the kind of device you are using.

At the moment, the Gogo Inflight service is only available when the plane is flying over the contiguous US – coverage in parts of Alaska is scheduled to be available in early 2012.


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