Did Howard Dean Endorse Sarah Palin For President?

Well, the answer to that question is unmistakeably NO!   Our apologies for the artistic freedom in crafting the headline… But it seems that a similarly imaginative and attention grabbing headline from The Hill newspaper, Howard Dean warns Democrats Sarah Palin could beat Obama in 2012, has set the blogosphere and  tv pundits into a tizzy with “news” that the former governor, presidential hopeful,  DNC chairman and wicked smart grassroots campaigner has called the 2012 race for Sarah Palin.

While reporters chase Palin’s Constitution Mobile around the country on the never ending “Steal Mitt Romney’s Thunder and Spread The True Story Of Paul Revere” tour, they clearly need some way to explain the expense to their editors.  And”Howard Dean thinks shes gonna take it all” seems as good an excuse as any.  But the reality is Howard Dean doesn’t think Sarah Palin will even win the Republican nomination.  He simply doesn’t see a benefit in overlooking any candidate.

As Dean explains in the article and the audio clip below (from an interview with MSNBC), “Anybody who gets a major party nomination could win the presidency,” and Sarah Palin could win the Republican nomination.  He warns against the inside-the-beltway thinking that a Republican candidate in general, and Sarah Palin specifically, would stand zero chance against President Obama.
Howard Dean Explains His Thoughts On Palin’s Chances

So, he doesn’t so much say that he thinks Sarah Palin will win, or even that she has a good chance of winning, but that it is reasonable to believe the possibility that  Sarah Palin could win the Republican nomination, and that someone that won the Republican nomination maybe, might, possibly figure out a way to win the presidency in 2012.  Not exactly the ringing endorsement (or warning of impending doom) that came up when we googled Dean + Palin this morning.

What do you think?  Does The Rogue Goin’ Former Miss Wasilla have a shot at winning the White House in 2012?  She does have to beat the guy that caught Osama bin Laden.


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