Tom Douglas’ “Rub With Love” in NY Times

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In this week’s Dining and Wine section of the New York Times you’ll find Tom Douglas’ “Rub With Love”. It’s a special meat and seafood spice! And since it’s barbeque season in Seattle, what would be better than the restauranteur’s special blend on a piece of fish or meat?

According to the NY Times article, The first one [Douglas] made, in 1999, for salmon, is still a winner. The newest, called roast rub, is notably coarser than the others, and gives a suitably crackling crust to a heritage pork loin, a butterflied leg of lamb or a thick porterhouse on the grill, especially if the rub is lightly pounded into the surface of the steak.

The Tom Douglas rubs are put together with premium herbs and spices, freshly roasted, ground and mixed at Spice Rub World Headquarters in Ballard. Rub With Love contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or MSG, and it’s gluten-free.

You can find the spice blends at Tom Douglas restaurants, in Pike Place Market, Metropolitan Markets, PCC Stores, Whole Foods and other local specialty stores.

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to buy it online at, although we can.  

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