NorMan GoldMan On Social Security and Medicare Cuts

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Today, justice must be served on the President! Word is that Social Security and Medicare cuts are on the table in the debt ceiling hostage talks. The Democratic wing of the Democratic Party is not happy. How about you?

Rupert Murdoch takes a radical step to combat a hacking scandal in England. Is this a cynical ploy and is it happening here?

Senior Legal Analyst time comes at 4:00 Pacific/6:00 Central with the promised “behind the scenes” look at the O.J. Simpson trial!

We have Jamie Court and Jim Dean here to help us channel our energy into pushing the President to doing the right thing!

On Beyond The Norm, is non-speech free speech? What if you are a cheerleader and refuse to cheer?

Fierce independence means not being afraid to challenge your own side – we prove this all the time, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!

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