Dinner at Starbucks? It’s Not Just for Coffee Anymore

Tuesday, Starbucks started offering what they call their Bistro Boxes with meals that all check in under 500 calories (some as low as 270). And with some pretty sophisticated combinations, like sesame noodles with peanut sauce and tofu, and a a premium Starbucks chocolate for dessert.  It’s chalk full of veggies and is completely vegan, which is gaining the chain some accolades.  With these offerings, Starbucks seems to be making a foray into the dining world.

In addition to these “entree size” boxes, the chain is offering “snack sizes” with more familiar tuna, hard cooked eggs, crackers, haricots verts, hummus, cheese and multigrain muesli bread.

Along with the bistro boxes, Starbucks introduced  its whole bean Iced Coffee Blend, and new Via caramel iced coffee packets. For those who like sweet drinks, they might make a good “on the go” option.

And from Thursday, July 14 through Sunday, July 17,  Starbucks is offering a free tall drink with any Via Ready Brew purchase (except the little 3-packs).

  • Izzy

    Hmm.. Must be in just select locations. That sounds fantastic, they don’t even have the hummus snacks where I am. In fact, aside from the $3 bag of nuts and raw granola, there’s absolutely nothing vegan at my local Starbucks. hopefully they get with the times!

    • http://tamacbsseattle.wordpress.com tamacbsseattle

      Keep watching! They just announced it, so it might take a little bit for them to stock where you are…. :)

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