Seattle’s Connection to Captain America

Seattle’s Ed Brubaker, a one-time cartoonist, has been working as a writer since the early 1990s. In that time, his work has won a huge smattering of  awards and his work has been translated into eleven languages around the world. He primarily works in comics, but has also written screenplays, and is working on both story and script for a video game.

In 2000, Brubaker received a one-year contract with DC Comics, and began work on the Batman series. By 2004, he was no longer tied exclusively with DC, and began working for Marvel Comics on their relaunch of Captain America. It was an instant hit.

During his run on Captain America, Brubaker wrote five issues, including the 2007 story in which Steve Rogers was assassinated. He later wrote the miniseries Captain America: Reborn, in which Rogers returns.

The writer of the solo “Captain America” series since it was relaunched back in 2005, Brubaker has become Marvel’s go-to guy for everything related to the star-spangled Avenger, according to MTV’s SplashPageand for good reason. Along with being credited for the character’s return to relevance in the comics universe, the writer has managed to make “Captain America” one of the publisher’s best-selling titles in recent years despite the absence of the series’ main character. And since 2006, Brubaker has been winning awards and accolades for his storylines and books having to do with Captain America.

According to Brubaker, bringing Captain America back was always his intention.  ‘”Just because we’re bringing back Steve, don’t think you know everything we’re going to do,”‘ Brubaker told SplashPage. ‘”I wouldn’t have ‘Captain America: Reborn’ be this big of a deal and not have some tricks up my sleeve.”‘

Brubaker is a pet lover, married, and calls Seattle home.  You can read more about him at  Captain America: The First Avenger, the movie, hits theaters on Friday, July 22


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