Microsoft Wants to Help Your Kids Learn With Video Games

Microsoft knows that kids love computer and video games. And in a recent announcement, the Seattle area software giant said they plan to make a $15 million contribution to the education of America’s kids, using the power of video games to encourage learning.

In the Microsoft blog,, Microsoft’s General Manager Anthony Salcito commented:

“Around the world, every day, students are engaged in playing games. These digital exercises provide us insight into their motivations and passions. And yet, our classrooms and content take little advantage of this information. With this new investment, Microsoft will support research and development in understanding and creating learning environments that integrate the characteristics of gaming that kids are passionate about. Just imagine…every day a child will fail at a game, and yet keep coming back to try again. But in our classrooms, for most, once a child experiences failure, they shut down. We need to bring the same passion they bring to their digital lives into our classrooms. This investment will help our partners and educators do just that.”

In addition to the money, Microsoft and other technology leaders plan to work with President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to discuss education reform.

Microsoft announced in June that it would be giving $25 million over the next five years to help low- and middle-income students pay for college in Washington state.

As part of the $15 million effort, Microsoft said that it will help train more than 150,000 teachers in the US, helping them learn to implement technology into the classroom.


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