It’s hard to imagine how the best vegetable soup could be like because it is too basic kitchen task. But freelance food writer Melissa Kronenthal has found the best for us. The one she discovered from Spain which restored her faith in this culinary stalwart.

The name of this soup is olla gitana, or gypsy pot. As she writes, this soup is somewhat an obscure specialty, has not a speck of meat. Instead, it gets its heft from a garden’s worth of vegetables and legumes and its sophisticated, complex character from a riotous supporting cast of saffron, almonds, vinegar, mint and pears.

“Whatever its origin, it’s a little-known gem: a hearty, hypnotically good pot of soup that’s healthy to boot. With a big green salad and some crusty bread alongside, it’s been lapped up with gusto by everyone from lifelong vegans to dyed-in-the-wool carnivores to all those in between. I’ve seen people revise their entire outlook on soup, not to mention vegetables, after just one bowl.

The best part, though, is that it basically gives you a free pass on the salad, since with soup this good no one will notice if your skills in that department aren’t quite up to scratch.”

She also kindly provided us the recipe of the soup, you can check it out here on Seattle Times.

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