“No soup for you!” is something you’ll never hear at these great restaurants. Now that the weather’s changing, sipping a hearty, delightful soup is just the ticket. Here are some of our favorites:

Soup’s On!, LLC
1420 5th Avenue
First floor of City Centre Building
Seattle, WA 98101

Every day, Monday through Saturday, Soup’s On! carries 11 of their fantastic soups from over 60 recipes. The hearty, meaty varieties include: Chicken Noodle, Lobster Bisque, Chicken basil Chili, Beef Stew, Black Forest Lentil, Chicken Dumpling and Chicken Gumbo. Vegetarian? You have options: Vegetarian Tomato Basil, Vegetarian Black Bean, Vegetarian Lentil, Old Fashioned Tomato, Market Vegetable, Curried Rice and Lentil, Portobello & Roasted Tomato and Corn & Green Chili. There may be a few others in there, too. Point is, no matter when you stop in, there is a new soup to try. A multigrain or potato roll accompanies your meal. A little hungrier than usual? Try a whole-grain or sourdough bread bowl. Heading downtown early? Stop in starting at 7:30am for a warm and satisfying oatmeal. Hours for lunch are 10:30am – 5:00pm. Until 3:00pm on Saturday.

Korner Kitchen
225 N 36th Ave
Seattle, WA 98103

A cute little Fremont restaurant that was once called Nana’s Soup House, they still make many of Nana’s soups, and have expanded their menu a bit, too! They have lots of options, and rotate them. But there are always vegetarian and vegan soup options, and a few are wheat free. Here’s what’s cooking in the Korner Kitchen:

Schedule for Soups (October 2011 to February 2012)
Everyday (until it runs out)
Baked Potato Soup
Vegetarian Chili
Corn Chowder
Tomato Basil
White Chicken Chili
Red Chili
Southwest Chicken Fiesta
Country Mushroom & Sour Cream
Hamburger Cabbage – Friday to Sunday
Clam Chowder – Friday to Sunday
Broccoli Cheddar – Tuesday to Thursday

Infinite Soups
445 Tacoma Avenue South
Tacoma, WA 98402

Infinite Soups makes soup and only soup. In multiple varieties for the hearty, meat loving crowd, and the vegan and vegetable soup lovers. Their fall menu, just in time for Harvest and Oktoberfest includes Sweet Potato Surprise, Roasted Vegetable Barley, Beer Brats and Cabbage and German Pork and Apple. They update their menu daily on their Facebook page. According to the News Tribune, Infinite Soups will be serving free cups of soup through the first of December at the lunch counter at Sanford & Son in Tacoma between 11:00am – 2:00pm weekdays.


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