SEATTLE (CBS Seatte) – A Washington man is behind bars for allegedly trying to kill his wife while telling her she was “taking too long” to die.

Seattle police say 78-year-old Jerold Goodwillie stabbed his wife numerous times. He then sat up, drank coffee, smoked a cigarette, and yelled at her to die.

Goodwillie has been charged with second-degree attempted murder-domestic violence and is being held on $3 million bail, KOMO-TV reports.

According to the station, Goodwillie told his wife that he met somebody else, but wanted to kill her instead of divorcing her because he “wanted the money.”

Police say that he began to strangle the woman and lifted her off the ground. She was able to fight back, but Goodwillie was armed and struck her on the head many times, which caused cuts that would require stitches.

Police added that the victim also had a cut on her thumb when she was protecting herself while Goodwillie was trying to slit her throat.

According to police, the woman said she was able to run outside but collapsed. Goodwillie followed her outside, placed his knee to her back and stabbed her at least three more times, puncturing a lung.

According to the statement, she laid bleeding in the grass as he returned with gloves and attempted to suffocate her with a bag.

According to the report, Goodwillie left the woman outside and went back into the house, but she managed to crawl toward the house. He spotted her and dragged her into the garage where he began to strangle her again. She finally told him that she was about to die and wanted to be left alone. He responded, “I’m going to sit here until you die.”

She told police she was unable to walk, so she started to crawl to the street, hoping to be spotted.  Goodwillie then picked her up and threw her in the back of his pickup truck.

A neighbor spotted the woman bleeding in the street and called police. The witness said it looked like somebody was kicking the truck’s cover.

Officers say they heard the woman screaming for help when they arrived on the scene. They forced open the truck and found a woman covered in blood.

According to the police statement, Goodwillie admitted to stabbing his wife numerous times and to beating her. He also added that his plan was to dump her someplace “in an attempt to conceal the assault.”

Doctors expect the woman to recover.

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  1. Anon says:

    Where was Phoenix Jones?

  2. Yellow Hornet says:

    In jail… no doubt…

  3. david5300 says:

    Thats normal for Seattle

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