Washington Prisoner Tries to Escape Due to Lack of Vegetarian Food

TOWER CITY, ND (CBS Seattle) — A charged sex offender attempted to escape custody during his transport back to Washington because of a lack of vegetarian food provided for him during his trip.

Joseph Megna, 29, claims he was underfed because of a lack of consideration for his dietary limitations, KIRO-TV reports.

He was being transported by a private agency instead of law officials, a circumstance described as “very unusual” by David Corkrum, Chief Felony Deputy of the Franklin County, Wash., Prosecutor’s Office.

“Normally (Megna) would be transported by a jet (in this scenario),” he added.

He found his opening for escape when a door was improperly secured on the vehicle. He jumped, then ran, but was ultimately cornered in a cornfield near Tower City by local officials and brought back under police custody.

Barnes County Chief Deputy Don Fiebiger said that the 22-hour search concluded on Tuesday the same way it began – of Megna’s own volition.

“He gave himself up,” he said. “He eventually walked out (from hiding in the field) … dehydrated.”

A warrant for Megna’s arrest was issued after he fled to Saratoga, Fla., for a charge of child molestation in the first degree, according to Corkrum. Megna was easily found as he purchased a Greyhound ticket, presumably to stay with relatives that lived in the area.

Corkrum also said this is not Megna’s first brush with the law.


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