YELM, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — What began as a man’s attempt to discipline his child turned into a sordid case of abuse when police say a Washington man forced his 16-year-old daughter to don Renaissance armor and engage in a wooden sword battle for two hours.

Freemon Everett Seay, 38, and his daughter were fighting on Oct. 16 over her recent attempt to run away from home, an action he wanted to punish her for, Sgt. Ken Clark of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office told CBS Seattle.

“He started with switches off a tree. In Washington state, it’s all about reasonable action … (and) you can (legally) give a kid a spanking,” he said. “But this goes beyond discipline, and into the realm of abuse.”

Before beginning the fight, Seay put on armor and brandished a weapon, which he repeatedly used on the child.

Authorities say he forced his daughter to duel with him from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. When she was reportedly no longer able to stand on her own, he relented. But his daughter quickly took action, texting pictures of her bruises and injuries to friends, who promptly alerted the authorities.

By that afternoon, Seay and his wife were in police custody.

Julie Seay, the child’s stepmother, was not actively involved in the abuse, according to the police report. However, she was aware of what was happening, and allegedly made no motion to protect the child in any way.

“She had a responsibility to defend her stepdaughter,” Clark added.

The case is still in its early stages, and in the state of Washington, the prosecutor’s office decides whether or not to press charges and continue with a trial. It remains to be seen whether the Seays will be brought up on charges.

Seay was released on bail Oct. 18.

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  1. FNTM says:

    Hopefully the 16 year old enjoys living with DFACS.

  2. Patricia says:

    No wonder why this Girl was RUNNING away.. nut cases (both adults??) and scary.. what was next, stocks or the rack and torture..

    1. selahgreen says:

      Actually, I believe tarring & feathering would be more appropriate. But then, that might just become the next Emo fashion.

      1. Saints says:

        Hi, a fellow hesomchooler visiting from the hop! well, yeah, homeschooling is kind of a limited subject, but you are right, it is really our one big hobby/job so we think about it a lot and write about it a lot. I do think though, that when we share what we do, crafts/lessons/read alouds and resources we use, that even non-homeschool moms might find something useful/fun they can do afterschool or on a weekend, so I figure it is all good and we can all learn from each other. it’s nice to meet you, I love the name of your blog, very sweet.

    2. Andrew says:

      She was running away because she’s part of today’s youth that believe it’s okay to tell your parents to F-off.

      I hope he walks free.

      1. Congress Works For Us says:


    3. Atlas Shrugged says:

      She was obviously running away from discipline. Her dad went too far but what caused it? LIBERAL THINK. The current teachings of our schools where your parents have no right to tell you what to do, when to do it, and to whom you can do it with. PARENTS HAVE LOST THE RIGHT TO BE PARENTS.

      The problem with society today is LIBERAL THINK., Someone else will pay your bils, do as you please when and where you want, society will care for you. NOT IN MY HOUSE. MY BELT, AS MY FATHERS BELT RULED. WHEN IN DOUBT WHIP IT OUT.

      My Kids are both responsible parent and adults. They are representing this type if kid today in the court of law. Yes, successful attorneys. They make a living themselves, support themselves, they have successful children that know what discipline is, and they thank their parents, grand parents, and great grandparents for it, It is making then into the citizen you wish your kids and grand kid would turn out like.

    4. Armed Patriot says:

      My friend and I stole a purse when I was 17 and he was 16, for which I am deeply remorseful. His dad beat his backside with a rubber hose and banished me. I was jealous he had a father to beat him with a hose. I think it was Ben Franklin (???) that said, “spare the rod, spoil the child”. In this day and age is it any wonder we have the OWS crowds complaining they spent $200K on a BA in social amphitheater with a minor in the role of the two toed mountain monkey on todays society, and cant find a job???

  3. Frederic says:

    There you go. Throw Mom & Dad in Jail, and put the girl in the hands of the Department of Social Services til she’s 18. That will certainly solve both problems.

    1. Dennis says:

      Lefties always want to put the kid back in the home of the abuser, which is why so many kids die needlessly.

      1. drgermain says:

        only if the drug users, if they look look like law and order republican the kids will stay in “protection”

  4. Culex says:

    To all and singular
    Go read the piece about this in the London Daily Mail. See the bruises. This guy is in an SCA fighting household and has been charged with hitting his daughter with Society sanctioned rattan weapons. His fighting qualifications should be pulled by the Marshallate ASAP and His King should banish him for life. He can have all the bear pits he wants in lockup.

    1. Larpisgay says:

      methinks te larp knave should be sent to te crusades verily

    2. Knows all to well says:

      Here’s the interesting fact. I’ve seen this done many a time because the child wants to act like an adult and get in the parent’s face. So the parent makes them put their money where their mouth is. If they want to be treated “fairly” then they get their fair response. Usually after a couple of appropriately placed shots, the child learns that maybe they aren’t ready for being an adult. It sounds like this girl just never learned…Now she can learn what it is like to be without a parent and be placed in a careless home and system who doesn’t give a dam about her. And if anyone thinks that children services really care, trying being one of their “clients”

  5. Patricia says:

    what happened to our extended families surely a relative saw she needs support..

  6. Lionel says:

    The sergeant’s quote should be corrected too. Even if it were legal, spanking a 16 year old is very much not okay.

    1. ^ is an idiot says:

      says you.

      1. Bob says:

        If spanking hasn’t taught her anything by the time she’s 16, it isn’t working and is just abuse. This guy seems like a real nutcase. Send the girl to live with relatives who are, hopefully, sane.

      2. glenp says:

        who said any relative WANTS HER???

        you’re pretty stupid

    2. PowerPC says:

      That is a major problem in society today….No discipline and no consequences for ones own actions. That is why teenagers and young adults are running in flash mobs and robbing and beating people to near death and clearing the shelfs in the local department stores. They know there will be no action taken against them so why not keep doing it. Children should be spanked if they deserve it. I was spanked when I was a child with a hand, a switch, and a paddle in High School……yeah thats right, high school. I did not grow up without self esteem but I did grow up with respect for my elders and authority. I have never been to jail. I was raised by parents and grandparents that loved me but disciplined me when needed. I probably desereved every spanking I got. Also, schools were much safer back in the day when the paddle was used. You did not hear of children going to school to kill the people who have been bullying him relentlessly. Oh, and BTW 16 years old is the perfect age to spank a child. They are old enough to know why they are being punished and old enough to appreciate the lesson they are being taught. You liberals that let your children run all over you are a real problem when the child becomes old enough to endanger other people because he knows there will be no punishment for their actions.

      1. Snod says:

        Right on point! I was punished just like you were but a bit more aggressively and I am okay. I have seen similar things happen but in one case a friends 13 year old was staying out all night and her father grounded her. A judge soon ordered her parents not to restrain her and call the cops if she left home. Well a few months later the 13 year old girl was found in a hotel with a few guys.

    3. Alicia Geromel says:

      Depends on the 16 year old and the behavior, In my opinion. Blanket statements about discipline tend to hurt kids most of all by preventing a particular kid from getting the particular parental feedback which is most appropriate for their particular needs. Which is not to say that the incident under discussion is likely to have been the best ‘parental feedback’.

    4. Andrew says:

      16 year olds are more out of control today than ever before. Kids believe they can tell their parents to F-off without fear of reprecussion. She was probably running away to party with her friends. SHE NEEDS A BRUSIED BEHIND IF SHE STILL LIVES AT HOME.

    5. Atlas Shrugged says:

      Read carefully Loinel, apparently your parents didn’t spank you enough. That is if you were raised in a 2 parent household.

      She was obviously running away from discipline. Her dad went too far but what caused it? LIBERAL THINK. The current teachings of our schools where your parents have no right to tell you what to do, when to do it, and to whom you can do it with. PARENTS HAVE LOST THE RIGHT TO BE PARENTS.

      The problem with society today is LIBERAL THINK., Someone else will pay your bils, do as you please when and where you want, society will care for you. NOT IN MY HOUSE. MY BELT, AS MY FATHERS BELT RULED. WHEN IN DOUBT WHIP IT OUT.

      My Kids are both responsible parent and adults. They are representing this type if kid today in the court of law. Yes, successful attorneys. They make a living themselves, support themselves, they have successful children that know what discipline is, and they thank their parents, grand parents, and great grandparents for it, It is making then into the citizen you wish your kids and grand kid would turn out like.

    6. Michael Corleone says:

      Just because you have pedophile tendencies does not mean every one else does, Mary.

    7. Armed Patriot says:

      Spare the rod and spoil the child. Spanking i 16 year old is ok if the 16 year old deserves it. My 17 year old son nearly got popped in the mouth a time or two for mouthing off. Dont do the crime if you cant do the time.

      1. eruthk says:

        I think that “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is the most misunderstood Biblical quote of all. A rod was used by the shepherd to control the sheep, never to beat the sheep. A child needs correction, and it is going to take a real commitment to correct her wayward behavior. Correction and control are not the same as a 2-hour 2:00 AM beating of a young girl by a grown man that leaves her with cuts and bruises. There are plenty of ways to control this child’s misbehavior but a brutal life-threatening two-hour beating is not one of them. He first beat her switches, then his wooden sword, and then forced her to put on heavy armor at 2 am and endure another two hour beating until she was unable to move. This girl could have died. What is the matter with you people? The appropriate thing to do would to have sent her to bed, and then in the morning (or after school) dealt with her wayward delinquent behavior in a way that would not only help her to grow up, but to keep her from her self destructive ways. I certainly hope the state removes this girl from this abusive situation, the next time that so-called father indeed may end up killing her.

  7. Alan says:

    The Parents are certainly living on a different planet and deserve some type of discipline for this, but when You get the State involved it only ever turns out bad to worse for everyone.

  8. Phil says:

    Culex…coocoo coocoo

    1. Tom says:

      The photo does not tell me if it was abuse or not. Having played sports I have been on the receiving end of bruises that occupied most of my leg. Hurt like hell but I don’t think you arrest somebody for tackling me.

      Sounds like the dad may have gone to far on his daughter who was sneaking out and ending up at police stations. Then again, she may still not have learned her lesson and could end up with much worse than a bruise on her leg.

    2. Yirmin says:

      Looks bad… but then you are assuming the bruises came from dear old dad.. could have been that the bruises came from something else and she is trying to nail the parents for something they didn’t do.

      1. Israel says:

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    3. MorganGray says:

      Hmmm…. One thing that hits me in the Daily Times article (no pun intended).

      He told her “Put *YOUR* armor on.”

      That indicates to me that the girl either *is* a fighter in the SCA, or is in training to be one. In turn, that indicates to me that she and her father likely sparred / fought on a regular basis.

      Things are getting a bit cloudy here. As Tom and Yirmin say, do we know these bruises came from a two hour punitive slug-fest, or were the from an earlier practice / tournament /whatever, and is the girl trying to use them as leverage / threat / punishment against parents who are trying to make her behave as a reasonable member of society (small S), and not like a dope smoking, criminal?

      Remember folks, like it or no, crack is still an illegal drug, and a 16 year old cannot even buy beer in this country, let alone run around all night doing illegal drugs.

      Something doesn’t add up.

      1. Historyshowsus says:

        Somebody with a brain in the head. Finally. Good eye Morgan

      2. Spanky says:

        You speculate quite a lot.

        Picture a scenario where the father had some armor, tossed it at the girl, and said, “Put your armor on.” That doesn’t mean it was truly hers. Or, what if she did dress up and play fight – that doesn’t mean she was into the same degree of conflict he was.

        I’d like to know what mindset says it’s ok for an adult male to pummel a teenage girl – armor or not – for two hours.

    4. Emerald says:

      It’s only a flesh wound.

    5. JohnB says:

      Looks like he is consistently right handed and she should learn to guard better. You can bet life will not be any better for her if the parents are put in prison. I could have used more discipline at her age but I was built for that kind of punishment. That is the fathers only miscalculation here.

  9. cybro says:

    Gee I wonder why she ran away. What was next on the agenda? Lock her up in an iron maiden. What a moron.

  10. glenp says:

    kick her out to DFACS

    she’s eligible to be an emancipated minor, let her go on her own and find out life really sucks once you get off the teat at home.

  11. Karl says:

    Concidering the father had just bailed her out of jail from being arrested at a crack party, I think she got off easy. If my father had to bail me out for crack charges I would have prefered 2 hrs of getting beaten with padded ratan weapons to rotting in jail. Now she has the fine opportunity to meet new crackheads to party with when she excapes from child services. I have to side with the family on this one since I know that SCA ratan weapons are padded and inspected to not do permanent damage. Unfortunately, he needed to have done it long before she became a crack user.

    1. historyshowsus says:

      Not all SCA weapons are padded. All swords are bare rattan wrapped in duct tape (33 year heavy fighting vet in the SCA).

      1. Mason Baker says:

        True and they confuse you for a second if he is able to get a good head shot in. Truthfully, I am not “all up in arms” about it. Girl was 16, how old did the fighters have to be again? And he didn’t “beat” her with a stick.

  12. Rod Anders says:

    What the hell is this world coming to if you can’t even beat your kid with a sword any more?

    1. brian says:

      I have 4 kids ages 4-8. I am laughing my a@@ off at your comment right now

  13. Nicole Coleman says:

    What is more disturbing than this obvious abuse is that we live in a society (at least as indicated by many people’s comments here) that has an ability to put up shields around them and not be the least bit affected when they see a child crying out for help, trying to run away and being beaten. How much at fault are we, the “united” States, as we turn our heads to fellow citizens in need of help and make light of these kinds of situations? I wonder if there was someone in this child’s life who knew better than to turn their head and could’ve prevented this by reaching out to the family? What is happening to common decency and compassion? Most of the comments regarding this article make me very sad as I realize how callous so many people are in our society and take the easy way out, saying its “the system” or “the state” that needs to change. Change can only begin one heart (and one vote) at a time.

    1. glenp says:

      so put your money where your mouth is go adopt this crackhead

      if not her go find a felon crackhead to adopt otherwise SHUTTHEHELLUP

      1. Spanky says:

        Do you suppose there is chance of there being a causal relationship between her father’s abuse and her drug usage?

    2. stefan toch says:

      You have some legitimate concerns, but we also live in a time where we are brandishing stereotypes and bigotry about everything – even articles we read on the internet. Seriously, we all need a healthy amount of skepticism, but we seem to have this need to try to reinforce our beliefs and form opinions before we even have the facts… so don’t go looking down on others nicole, you are just as guilty and willing to go so far as to wonder ‘if there was someone in this child’s life who knew better than to turn their head and could’ve prevented this’. Prevented what exactly? We don’t even have the facts or know the details… and how the heck do you even know that somebody was or wasn’t there, that they turned their head, that this girl doesn’t have encounters with more compassionate people than you? You don’t, we just have the sensationalized media snapshot, and making jokes about the article seems just as reasonable , if not more, than getting depressed about reading comments here…just saying, get off your moral high horse.

    3. Larry says:

      sorry………. you pie in the sky, tree hugging, diversity worshipping, it takes a village to raise a child, loser…………………… was what this guy did wrong?…yeah, probably, but you know what, many years ago, for many years, I dealt with a completely out of control, sociopathic, teen daughter. No amount of reaching out…etc etc etc made one iota of difference. After five years of living with her anti social, out of control behavior…. the morning of her 18th birthday I threw her out of my house and out of my life. THAT………my little flower child….is REALITY.

      1. glenp says:

        pretty stupid to wait till teh 18th bday

        should have emancipated her 3 years before

    4. I think the problem here is your definition of what a “child” is. To most people, a 16-year-old is not a child, but a young adult with responsibilities. If this had been an 8 year old, I think the reaction would be very different, but a 16-year-old who by her own choices wound up at a crack party and even worse…got caught…deserved to pay a consequence. Her father’s consequence was more creative than mine would have been but probably effective nonetheless. What concerns me is how many people on this list think 16-year-olds are children. This is the reason why so many teens are right now breaking the law and squatting in public places demanding other people subsidize their wasted lives. This particular girl very well may have been abused, but it speaks to a broader problem and your definition of “children” is part of that problem.

  14. peedeenm says:

    Seriously, if you can’t beat crack out of a kid, what use are you as a parent?

  15. Willey says:

    Sounds like she deserved what she got.

  16. proczach says:

    Probably just a little incestuous lust in Dad’s head

    1. MorganGray says:

      And just where do you get that idea, Dr. Fraud? Projecting a bit, are we?

    2. eruthk says:

      I think so too. I think there is a sexual component to this. And why for heaven’s sake is nobody concerned about the 2:00 AM nature of this.

  17. Christie says:

    You know I think that a spanking leaving bruises like that may have been over the top. However it was for an over the top offense of going to/getting arrested at a crack party. He smacked her legs really hard, not her face or her hands–her legs,- that will do a lot less damage than crack and a criminal record will. Her legs will heal from these bruises–crack does things to a person that do not heal. Should a 16 year old need a spanking at all–no–but a 16 year old should know better than to go to a crack party. Perhaps if more children had fear of their parents then we would have less miscreants to deal with.

  18. Wes says:

    Its unfortunate the daughter has chose a path to criminalize her parents who are the only ones who care enough to try to stop her path to destruction. The next news story she’s in is so common it won’t make the major news.. Headline; Young Woman Raped and Murdered.

    1. Spanky says:

      Uh do you think there is a chance that having an abusive father might drive a teenager to use drugs?

      1. JohnB says:

        Probably not in this case. More likely the abusive teenager caused the parent(s) to become abusive.

  19. Sirlancelots says:

    I think it unfarir to criticize the mother’s action or lack thereof in this matter. Perhaps she does not have a suit of armor or, maybe she needs help donning it. I doubt the squire was available at 2 am. Also, if the Mom joined the battle it would technically be called a Melee.

  20. mapache says:

    I hope at sentencing they stay in the Renaissance tradition and find an appropriate punishment….maybe the rack or something!

  21. Scott Martin says:

    Arrest Jim Carrey for making Matthew Broderick duel at Medevil Times!

  22. Dave says:

    She had a responsibility to protect the step-daughter? Uh, no. She did not. She has absolutely no responsibility to call the cops or intervene. I hope this daughter gets whats coming to here in foster care. I’m sure she’ll be smoking crack and turning tricks in no time.

    1. eruthk says:

      Ever hear of misprison of felony? A felony assault and battery upon a minor child was going on her home. She did indeed have a duty to call the police.

  23. joefriday says:

    And I suppose if the stepdad did nothing, all you critics would be happy? Not ‘beating her’ and seeing her end up dead or a prostitute in 6 months would be better than a few bruises, right?

    At least this guy cares about her, compared to a lot of ‘parents’ these days… including the parents of the other kids at the crack party.

    Maybe someday this undeserving girl will see what her stepdad is doing for her benefit and will sincerely thank him. Assuming she lives long enough.

  24. liberal larry says:

    spanking a child should be a crime

    1. glenp says:

      your being a stupid brain dead liberal is a crime —you steal my oxygen

      1. krp says:

        A liberal is defined as someone’s whose daddy wasn’t man enough to give them the butt-whooping they so sorely needed when they had it coming.

        We all need to go to Zuccotti Park and correct that mistake.

    2. GD says:

      I spank you electronically.

    3. traveldan says:

      But a sword fight should be on youtube!

  25. Shawn Russell says:

    Insert the umpteen articles about teens running wild, attacking individuals, destroying businesses, etc etc.

    Now explain to me again how wrong this was. I dont agree with the method but we also do not know how many times grounding, time out and taking her cell phone had been tried. Hell the kid had her cell phone so obviously they were such horrible parents they didnt give the kid anything.

    Minus the jail giving the state another mouth to feed may be the best thing the guy could have done.

  26. Unexploded says:

    Wow. What a whack-job.
    “Your actions have sullied our good name. Chores undone, cavorting with layabouts, lollygaggers, and the lascivious lower-caste! Pick up that sword! Sir Jagger may have none, but as surely as my name is Freemon Everett Seay, I *will* have satisfaction!”

    “This is totally going on facebook, ‘Dad’.”

  27. GD says:

    Battling at 2 – 4AM? Isn’t there an ordinance on battling with wood swords after 10PM?

  28. sirkissmybutt says:

    now her DCF father will lance her

  29. WTH says:

    Sounds like pugal training in any military school.

    1. WTH says:

      Correction -minus the armor of course. On the other hand the armor would offer protection. So it could be argued he tried to keep her from getting injured.

  30. David Conard says:

    I say the best way to teach the child is to charge the parents. She how she enjoys living under foster care and the guilt of her parents in jail..

  31. ps613 says:


  32. Frank Costanza says:

    Isn’t it a little early for Festivus?

  33. John C says:

    And why did the daughter run away from home?

  34. Mike says:

    Now, the father will be exposed to “swordplay” he never imagined while he is incarcerated.

  35. Hear Ye says:

    It is obvious the dad knew nothing about armor. Properly fitted, you should get little to no bruising with well made (not the Chinese knock-off) armor. The guy clearly wasn’t trying to be historically accurate. Next time, read “Jousting for Dummies.”

  36. krp says:

    And people wonder why I have never wanted to have children.

  37. Spanky Spanky says:

    My sister and I were spanked so much when we were little with whatever my mother could get her hands on- a wooden spoon, switches we were made to cut off, belts, rulers and even a brush which broke on me when my mother hit me so hard. Our brothers, who are 5 and 6 years youner than we are were never spanked. My sister and I have never been in any trouble and both are college graduates with good paying, long term jobs. Both brothers are abject failures- both in trouble with the law, one didn’t graduate from high school due to truancy, one knocked up his girlfriend and neither of them can hold a reasonable job. Parents have to continually bail them out of some trouble and are having to continually keep them up.


    1. Tony says:

      Not a coincidence. It’s evidence…….of the truth.

    2. Nice guy says:

      Would you like a nice spanking?

  38. Htos1 says:

    Just more proof that we MUST screen/license childbearing,and criminalize ALL out of wedlock births.Also,NO reproductive rights for ANY public assistance.Yes,it’s harsh,and seems unAmerican,but drastic situations need drastic actions,see WWII history for instructions.

  39. Father Mularky says:

    I wish my dad would have bought me armor and wooden swords! This kid is complaining??? I’m jealous.

  40. Random in Texas says:

    Hmmmm… From the picture, it appears she is left handed. At least that is what my leading leg used to look like after a few hours of fighter practice – at least until I learned to keep my shield in place – and I am right handed.

    Culex – agree; his card should be pulled.

    Karl – I can assure you; SCA swords are NOT padded. Just a layer of Duct tape over the rattan to protect it.

    Patricia: not everyone who engages in activities that you would not do is a ‘nutcase’. Try Googling SCA; there are quite a few who enjoy this hobby. (Most don’t force their kids into armor and beat on them for hours though. Then again the bruises sustained are not permanent. The crack house visits thoug – much more damaging).

    The article did get one thing wrong though (the MailOnLine article that is), SCA and LARPing are not the same thing. LARPing is Live Action Role Playing. This would be like playing D&D in costume and acting it out. SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval recreation group. They might sound the same on the surface to the average person, but they are very different.

  41. Foster Glenwood says:

    “It is not materialism that is the chief curse of the world, as pastors teach, but idealism. Men get into trouble by taking their visions and hallucinations too seriously. ~ H. L. Mencken


  42. Tony says:

    Ridiculous overreaction by the authorities. This was a unique punishment meant to wear the girl out (kind of like boot camp) with little chance of serious injury (they wore armor for crying out loud). The girl suffered “bruising” and a hurt ego. The latter is the reason she took her case to the social media arena and her pathetic, sympathetic friends thought it was an egregious act because they, themselves, lack discipline.
    Most people will think that a little while with DFACS will make her regret her decision, but today’s youth seem to be lacking in rational thought. She will most likely continue to blame her father for his “bad parenting” being the cause of her future suffering at the hands of social services. Isn’t this what they teach kids today…that it’s someone else’s fault they suck.

  43. Andrew Wags says:

    Its one thing to punish your kid, But if your kid is running away consider why.
    seems that if her dad was willing to beat his kid in a duel with a wooden sword makes you wonder what goes on behind closed doors. All of you idiots who blame the kids are so far off base its sad. This isnt a topic of political speak, there is no conservative or liberal way to explain it. No parent engages in combat with there kid for two hours. This man should be locked up and the step mother as well for allowing this kind of behavior to go on.

  44. Corey says:

    Wow, he went medieval on her a$$!

  45. S Von Smith says:

    First off what the problem? obviously not abuse as she was armored up.
    Secondly she could hit back, had her own weapon.
    Thirdly. she should be happy that her father took an interest in her instead of letting her run away.
    Fourthly, she obviously has the ability to stand up for herself in case she is attacked by a rapist as she know knows a bit about self defense and that pain is not going to kill you, it just hurts a little.

    1. eruthk says:

      Read the article in the London paperl. There was nothing said about this being a crack party. First the father, a big burly man, SAT on top of her and beat her with multiple switches he sent his other children outside to cut from a tree. Secondly he took his wooden sword and beat her (all the while the stepmother was egging him on, telling him to “wipe that smirk” of her face.) Then at 2:00 am, he engaged her in 2 hours of “combat” until she was so battered and exhausted she could not move. Then, he made her strip to her underwear and stand in the living room, and watch televangelists, while I imagine he got his jollies (he probably found sitting on top of her and then beating her quite arousing.) How can ANYONE excuse this? This is why Child Protective Services exist. If society as a whole universally condemned these parents for such behavior, rather than praising or justifying it, maybe there would be no need for state intervention. And yes, I think that foster care would have to be pretty awful before it would be worse than what this young girl has had to endure. And one more thing, if in fact this young girl with her immature body had in fact ingested cocaine and alcohol, then forced to endure this extreme physical abuse, she was certainly at risk for a sudden cardiac death.

      1. Sam says:

        Apparently only 1% of commenters on this site actually think. Thanks Eruthk!

  46. TJP says:

    Nobody mentions what she was doing while running away. Was she taking drugs? Drinking? Joining a gang? Shacking up with an older boyfriend? Being a teen prostitute? Or was the dad abusive and she wanted to get away from him? We just don’t know. There are lots of things she could have been doing that are far worse for her life expectancy than getting bruised up and totally worn out, and abusers generally prefer to use their hands and don’t bother to suit their target up in armor first. Sounds more like tough love than abuse per se, at least if she were a boy and not a girl (but isn’t that a double standard?)

  47. SKent says:

    He let her wear armour? This sort of marshmallow parenting has got to stop. How is she going to learn responsibility with that sort of coddling?

  48. John Van Stry says:

    You can kill your children, but heaven forbid if you try to discipline them!

    1. eruthk says:

      Well, I think that 2-hour attack by an male opponent much stronger and larger than this young girl, certainly has the potential to have kill her or cause some serious internal damage, not to mention the impact of this brutal beating could have on her still developing sexual identify and future relationships with men. An appropriate physica punishment (if a child should be punished for running away) should be something physical like cleaning the garage. I don’t think a father should ever lay a violent hand on a daughter once she reaches puberty.

  49. Gina says:

    Too bad he isn’t the father of the OWS crowd.

  50. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Good for this guy. Teaching his daughter something and helping her keep in shape.

  51. Pankaj says:

    questo gioco una figata covalo !!bella anche la grafical’unica cosa che trovo triste sono le persone che continuano inevitabilmente ha lasciare commenti idioti e antipaticise una console non piace basta non venire su questo evidentende nella vita non hanno altro da farepoveretti

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