Are Aliens Invading Washington? Residents Claim They Saw UFO

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — Was E.T. trying to phone one Washington town?

Several people in Ocean Shores, including two police officers, reportedly saw an unidentified flying object in the skies on Oct. 18.

Officer Chris Iversen of the Ocean Shores Police Department said that no official report has been filed, and no official police investigation is occurring.

He also said that this is not the first time reports of this nature have been filed in recent history. In fact, sightings have even been documented in areas surrounding Ocean Shores.

“A local newspaper … ran a story last month regarding multiple UFO sightings on an old Indian reservation about 20 miles north (of Ocean Shores),” Iversen told CBS Seattle. “About a week after reading that, I was working and heard the local sheriff’s department dispatched to another sighting at Pacific Beach, about 15 miles north.”

Initially, some of these sightings were attributed to a man operating a radio-powered toy airplane. However, on Oct. 18, Ocean Shores police officers were observing this same man and his airplane when the UFO in question made an appearance.

“They saw another object in the sky … that they could not identify, so they drove down to the beach to get a better view of it,” he said. “There were several other people on the beach as well, observing whatever it was before it flew over the ocean and out of sight.”

Additional testimonies were filed later that night, reporting that helicopters were engaged in what was described as a search pattern over the beach and ocean, and military aircrafts were spotted near the scene.

Iversen stressed, however, that all of these later reports remain unconfirmed.

Testimonies describe the object as a red orb or sphere with an unusual flight pattern. According to Iversen, the descriptions are similar to what was allegedly seen by the Indian reservation.

Although there is an old military base and a small airport nearby, Iversen said there is nothing that would concretely explain the size, color and flight pattern of the object allegedly seen.

David McManus, Assistant State Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for Washington, said that this particular case is a curious one.

“It’s not a star, it’s not a satellite, (and) it’s not a conventional aircrafts from what’s described,” he said to CBS Seattle, adding that he hopes to get to the bottom of it. “My goal is to turn UFOs into IFOs – identified flying objects.”


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