SEATTLE, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — The City Council of Seattle has put forth a proposal to determine the city’s overall interest in having a Bruce Lee Action Museum constructed.

At present, the official proposal aims to, as it states, “develop a report … examining the extent to which City (and other public agency) resources are available to support a new museum to showcase Bruce Lee.”

The process is in its beginning stages, as construction locations and funding options are being considered and researched.

Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell is a driving force behind the initiative, and feels that the construction of such an institution could do wonders for the city.

“In the policy work that I do, building an urban infrastructure where youth of all backgrounds can embrace discipline, hard work, self-esteem, and a love of life, is important,” he wrote on his official blog. “Seattle must maintain and establish creative institutions that perpetuate these values.”

The museum would be a multi-pronged multimedia center that depicts the life, times and most important of all, the philosophy of Lee through a collection of personal items, gifts, books to which he contributed, clothing and more.

The facility would also have a theater showing his films, an outdoor area for exercise, a place to dine, and a meditation center.

“Calling it a museum doesn’t do it justice,” Harrell said, while emphasizing the phrase “action museum” and its significance to what they aim to construct.

The idea came to be after Harrell spoke with Lee’s daughter, Shannon.

“I realized we had the possibility to do something,” he said. “I had always wanted to commemorate his memory somehow … I just wasn’t sure what form it would take. The action museum idea filled in the missing blanks.”

Bruce Lee, who passed away in 1973, was a renaissance man with demonstrated expertise as an actor, martial arts instructor, director, producer, and writer. His martial arts prowess even led him to found the Jeet Kune Do movement.

It is his philosophical views and teachings, however, that have inspired so many to support the museum project, including Harrell.

“Everyone is familiar with Bruce Lee’s philosophy of high self-esteem … and we wanted to promote the same values,” he said. “(The museum) will be a center of empowerment, a center where the energy of Bruce Lee can radiate.”


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