Today, justice is served on many topics!

Major “Senior legal Analyst” time today, as yet ANOTHER court has upheld the President’s health insurance reform law! Also, a judge has approved a $410 million class action settlement with bank of America. What’s it about?

Republicons on the “Super Committee” have reportedly agreed to raise revenue – shock of all shocks! Also, poverty rates are sky high – big news there.

I have more on the Keystone XL pipeline and high gas prices.

There are special elections today – some very closely watched and with the next Presidential election a year away, why vote for re-election of the President?

Net Neutrality and the supposed 3.8% tax on home sales to finance health insurance are both on the agenda today, as is Herman Cain, who is holding a press conference to once again declare he is the victim and did not sexual harass those women.

On Beyond The Norm, Norm’s Law School reconvenes. Can the federal government tell cigarette makers what to put on their packaging? Remember, “corporations are people, my friend”. This is a key hint!

Fierce independence means giving straight analysis even if I do not agree with the outcome! This is another reason why this is the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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