Gift Guide For The Car Lover

By Michael Shen
car gift guide coverking custom car cover silverguard Gift Guide For The Car Lover

Photo Credit: Coverking

The Sky’s The Limit (Over $100)

Help that driver protect that ride from the elements with a customized vehicle cover. The Silverguard Plus from Coverking is water-resistant to guard against rain or snow and reflective to protect against the hot sun. The heavy weave is tear resistant, and the soft inner layer won’t scratch the car’s finish.

Garmin probably makes the most intuitive GPS devices on the market. The nüvi 3790T includes functions like voice-activation, Bluetooth calling and optional 3D landscape views. With a very clean, sleek design, it’s easily the best looking GPS on the market. The two-hour battery life won’t do much for longer trips, but the nüvi 3790T comes with a USB cable for charging and updating software.

car gift guide escort radar Gift Guide For The Car Lover

Photo Credit: Escort

We all know speeding is wrong, but we all do it at some point or another. Let that driver in your life protect himself when the local law enforcement is trying to make quota. Escort‘s Passport 9500iX is the best radar detector on the market today. It has excellent 360-degree long-range radar detection, clear audio alerts and a hi-res display. It even alerts for red light cameras and speed traps. Permanently block out false signals with three easy taps of a button.

Silverguard Plus Car Cover – Coverking ($178.95 and up)

nüvi 3790T GPS Device – Garmin ($299)

Passport 9500iX Radar – Escort ($461.98)

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Michael Shen is the blogger of L.A. Can’t Drive.

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