Norm Talks Last Nights Debate, Penn State, And The Economy

Thursday, November 10, 2011
dot clear Norm Talks Last Nights Debate, Penn State, And The Economy
Today, justice is served on Republicons; Rick Perry; Herman Cain; Penn State University; the economy; the Keystone XL oil pipeline; Ron Paul and health insurance reform!

The ‘Cons did another debate last night – and Rick Perry is getting all the attention. Is it warranted? Mike Tyson (yes, THAT Mike Tyson) did a marvelous parody of Herman Cain and I’ll make sure you hear it/see it! Also, what lessons should we learn about Tuesday night’s election results?

The Penn State University child sex scandal is continuing and I’ll have details of this horrendous case.

The Keystone XL Canadian oil pipeline decision is being delayed. What did I tell you?

The economy had good and bad news today (and I’ll have it) but I have a more fundamental question for you about the economy.

There are ten reasons to NOT vote for Ron Paul and I’ll have them today!

Jamie Court is with us to discuss a new ballot initiative for health insurance reform and it does NOT include a public option! I am not happy but we’ll discuss it!

On Beyond The Norm, a woman I have dubbed “The Facebooking Teacher” and she has a “teachable moment” for us!

Fierce independence means playing it straight – with you and everyone! We prove this today and every day here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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