Norm Takes On The Supreme Court And Talks China And Occupy Wall Street

Monday, November 14, 2011
dot clear Norm Takes On The Supreme Court And Talks China And Occupy Wall Street
Today, justice is served on the U.S. Supreme Court; on Congress; on China; on “government regulation” and on Occupy Wall Street!

The Supreme Court today agreed to hear the appeals of the President’s health insurance law and the mandate. It’s “Senior Legal Analyst” time!

Congress has not applied any conflict of interest laws to itself. So, politicians who know about new changes to the law can buy stock in affected industries and companies. Is this right? We know THAT answer!

The President is traveling and giving grief to China. Why? Is it theater?

Occupy Wall Street is increasingly under police and political pressure to disband. How is that faring? What should happen next?

On Beyond The Norm, Norm’s Law School reconvenes. What is the constitutional right – if any – to competent counsel in a plea bargain?

Fierce independence means criticizing democrats when they deserve it and they deserve it often! We prove this as needed here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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