Occupy Seattle Protester Allegedly Has Miscarriage After Clash With Police

Seattle (CBS Seattle) — Protesters with Occupy Seattle report that a pregnant teenager suffered a miscarriage after she was doused with pepper spray last week as the movement clashed with Seattle police.

Jennifer Fox, 19, said police kicked her and sprayed her in the face with pepper spray in a round of arrests Nov. 15. Following the incident, Seattle Fire Department spokesperson Jeff Kappel confirmed that she was treated by paramedics.

Video shows Fox rocking over her stomach, hysterical, before she was rushed to Harborville Medical Center.

Following her release, Fox felt fine before her condition worsened.

Her fellow protesters have started a campaign called “Operation Miracle,” asking Seattle police to release all information regarding the incident.

Ian Finkenbinder, a protester who’s been writing a blog of his experience, wrote that she told police, “I’m pregnant, I don’t want to get hurt, please let me through!” when trying to push through the crowd toward an ambulance.

She told Finkenbinder she would have named her baby Miracle.

Representatives of Occupy Seattle’s Media Working Group said the group is deeply saddened by Fox’s alleged miscarriage but refused to connect CBS Seattle with Fox.

Fox is homeless and no contact information is available. Seattle police have not returned phone calls but told The Guardian that Fox has not contacted police regarding the incident.


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