SEATTLE (AP) — Occupy Seattle protesters say they’re looking for a new base — possibly an abandoned warehouse — after a judge ruled Friday that Seattle Central Community College can evict them from the campus.

The Thurston County Superior Court judge denied a protester’s request for an injunction that would have allowed the demonstrators to continue camping there.

“I’m disappointed but I’m not surprised,” said Mark Taylor-Canfield, a spokesman for Occupy Seattle. “It’s happened at every occupation around the country.”

The protesters moved from Seattle’s Westlake Park to the campus in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood more than a month ago.

In late November, college trustees adopted an emergency rule banning camping, a move aimed at evicting the protesters. College administrators said there have been reports of vandalism and they can’t afford to pay for extra security. They also cited health and safety issues, including garbage accumulation, improper food handling, and disposal of human and animal waste.

Seattle Central said in a written statement that administrators would post its new emergency rule banning camping early next week and let the protesters know they need to leave.

Taylor-Canfield said Occupy Seattle had already endorsed looking into other options for a permanent base, including the possibility of taking over an abandoned warehouse that could provide shelter for 100 people, or using donated money to lease a space. Occupy Seattle will also continue to maintain at least an informational tent at Westlake Center, he said, and hold occasional demonstrations there.

“It’s not going to stop the movement at all,” he said. “There will still be protests at the banks and corporations and local and state governments, because we want to affect the system.”

The movement has been protesting cuts to social programs in Washington state, and Taylor-Canfield described Seattle Central administrators’ concern about sanitation and safety on the campus as misplaced. The encampment has provided free food, which has drawn a number of homeless people.

“If local governments or the federal governments won’t do this,” he said, “then who’s going to do it?”

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  1. Batoul says:

    Obama was an instigator or coprnisator in the corruption of the private sector and especially the financial sector. The likely reason that student loans were made non-dischargeable is because there is no collateral behind such loans. The students who are protesting are confirming that those loans were, in fact, high risk. We know that the government and private special interests forced provision of some of those loans and at low interest. We do not know if they were the initial or follow-on instigators to a progressive corruption of the market, which ultimately resulted in artificially high prices for education for all students and taxpayers. This is an example of good intentions run amuck with predictable consequences. As with the so-called health care reform it was designed to redistribute costs and risk in order to exceed the bounds of reality and further undermine the value of the product and service.Now I understand why liberal education was renamed to general education . They must have recognized the negative association between knowledge with a progressively low return on investment and liberalism.The Department of Justice , ACLU, and some Democrats are active proponents of a selective rule of law. Utah is only their latest target for a misguided effort to promote progressive corruption of individuals and society. As the federal government fails to ensure each states’ sovereignty, they are in contempt of constitution.Article 4, Section 4 -The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. Cheap renewable energy is neither cheap nor renewable without short period reinvestments, the loss of several hundred thousand birds annually, and progressive evironmental and human hazards in China and other green sources. On the other hand, it is cheap in the truest sense, which also implies low quality and deception.Russians, as Americans, have been directly harmed by American policies, especially with the progressive nonsense directed by the current administration.The atheists continue to demonstrate a progressive intolerance for their primary competing interest. Despite the implications of their irregular cult, they confirm that they are politically unified, if not otherwise in principles. However, even worse, their lack of consistency has been the direct cause of the worst transgressions of human rights and life throughout recorded history.L.A. considers its growing constituency of illegal aliens at the expense of its citizens and taxpayers.The stimulus, along with the federal deficit exceeding 1 trillion annually, was designed to create a virtual economy in order to obfuscate reality. Unless our economy grows in excess of 10% annually, this virtual economy will collapse, and the consequences will be immediate and progressive.

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