Bill Gates Talking With China To Develop Nuclear Reactor

BEIJING (AP) — Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates confirmed Wednesday he is in discussions with China to jointly develop a new and safer kind of nuclear reactor.

“The idea is to be very low cost, very safe and generate very little waste,” said the billionaire during a talk at China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

Gates said he had largely funded a Washington state-based company, TerraPower, that is developing a Generation IV nuclear reactor that can run on depleted uranium. TerraPower says it has discussed its plans with India, Russia and other countries with nuclear energy programs.

The general manager of state-owned China National Nuclear Corporation, Sun Qin, was quoted in Chinese media last week saying Gates was working with it to research and develop a reactor.

“TerraPower is having very good discussions with CNNC and various people in the Chinese government,” said Gates, cautioning the talks were at an early stage.

Gates says perhaps as much as a billion dollars will be put into research and development over the next five years.

TerraPower says its traveling wave reactor would run for decades on depleted uranium and produce significantly smaller amounts of nuclear waste than conventional reactors.

“All these new designs are going to be incredibly safe,” Gates told the audience. “They require no human action to remain safe at all times.”

He said they also benefit from an ability to simulate earthquake and tidal wave conditions. “It takes safety to a new level,” he said.

Since leaving Microsoft Corp., Gates has concentrated on philanthropy and advocating on public health, education and clean energy issues. He is an investor and strategic adviser to TerraPower.

Gates was at the Ministry of Science and Technology to talk about a joint project between China and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support innovative research and development to help alleviate poverty.

Gates said the ministry will help identify entrepreneurs and companies to manufacture new products in global health and agriculture to “change the lives of poor people,” including new vaccines and diagnostics and genetically modified seeds.

“China has a lot to contribute because it’s solved many of the problems of poverty, not all of them but a lot of them, itself, and many Asian, south Asian and African countries are well behind, whether it’s agriculture or health,” said Gates.

No specific poverty alleviation projects were mentioned.

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  • Denbo

    Sure hope the Nuke plant doesn’t run Windows

    • Ron Smith

      Yeh, It would give a whole new meaning to the term ‘BSOD’ Blew Screen Of Death…

    • dano

      Hell, I hope it works better than windows, otherwise it WILL crash

    • Daniel Love

      You do know this is a BIG GOVERNMENT funded program. Just like America is “picking a winner” with ethanol, China is “picking a winner” with this nuclear technology. So your praising China for being BIG GOVERNMENT.

      You single ticket voters pick a side when its politically convenient, not when it’s moral.

    • Mr. Dangle

      Nuclear reactions generate heat. This heat is used to create steam from water, which then powers turbines that create electricity. The byproduct of this is nuclear waste. Or do people think nuclear power is somehow pumped into their homes? Don’t answer that, they probably do.

      How can we recreate this process without the waste? Drill through the crust of the earth (yes, we can do this) and when we hit the hot stuff, pump seawater in. The result is steam. Use that to power the turbines, and you have cheap, clean, essentially unlimited energy.

      There are many more solutions. I’ll take a pass on the nuclear option.

      • Tyler

        Your quote: “How can we recreate this process without the waste? Drill through the crust of the earth (yes, we can do this) and when we hit the hot stuff, pump seawater in”

        “The Earth’s internal heat comes from a combination of residual heat from planetary accretion (about 20%) and heat produced through radioactive decay (80%).[2] The major heat-producing isotopes in the Earth are potassium-40, uranium-238, uranium-235, and thorium-232.”
        From: /

        And you want to just dump seawater down there???… sounds like more ionizing radiation would be released through your method than with current reactors.(Think of how much ionizing radiation must be down there to keep the earth so hot.)

        Second:The deepest drilled hole to date is the Kola borehole “The Kola borehole penetrated about a third of the way through the Baltic continental crust”… where it is only 300 C.

        Sounds to me like you really haven’t thought out your idea much. Please.

    • CaptainObvious

      Why doesn’t he develop the new technology here in the USA?

      Oh yeah, we tax, regulate and otherwise villify anyone who wants to develop anything new in this country. The “solution” is to outlaw lightbulbs and pray to Gaia for wind power.

      • Velton

        Yes, nuclear regulation is bad…. Corporations will run nuke plants as safely as possible… at least until the end of the quarter.

        You know how demanding those shareholders can be…

    • GDawgTUK
    • Joe Doakes

      Very funny.

      This is good news though. We want the best minds working on the toughest challenges. Not on a global warming hoax or any other such nonsense.

      And another thing. China and America used to be the best of friends.

      Back then they weren’t Communist.

      What better way to guide them further away from communism then engage them.

      • IVillageIdiot


        Three reasons:

        1. POLITICS- Dems aren’t Nationalistic, they view nations and the belief in nations as a sin. To PROVE you’re not a sinner, you are required to stab your own country in the eye regulaly and help the other country that is trying to destroy your own in so far as it is humanly possible. You see,… we’re all simply human beings and there is no difference between us and them, especially the Communists! It’s like fire-walking or talking in tongues,… you do it to prove your faith’s legitimacy and supremacy,… a devotional of sorts.

        2. NIMBY. The US is “run” by a multitude of governments and courts. NONE OF THEM WANT TO BUILD ANYTHING ANYMORE…. it only creates more problems and unbalances the status quo. (And… a bunch of them are run by Dems!). Gates is trying to accomplish a few things before his time on this planet is up, sooooo….. he’s going where the possibility of accomplishment is more reasonable, not futile as is the case here in the USA. It wasn’t always this way of course, but unfortunately… it is now. He has to live in the here-in-now and the clock is ticking.

        3. MONEY- Its incredibly expensive to do ANYTHING here in the USA. Once you factor in the political contributions, court costs, marketing to sell the idea to the public and thereby keep the political whackos (i..e. the Socialist and Communists) suppressed takes a PILE of money, AND… don’t forget the lawyer’s fees! These factors don’t even counting the building costs; it’s MUCH cheaper to build elsewhere when you factor in union wages, strikes, material costs and all hidden fees and taxes, AND all the capricious codes and permits that have to be bludgeoned through the system, it simply costs MORE to do here in the US. He not dumb, and you can’t blame him for wanting to achieve with the time he has remaining. Going to China means he’ll have a chance of making it happen and it WILL cost less. HE DOES KNOW MONEY….

        Unfortunately, these are the realities we have allowed to constrain our society. Too many idiots with equal say and enough money to pay hungry lawyers that could give a hoot where it all leads as long as they get paid, and not enough thinkers.

        Not to fret though, we have given our health care over to the same government that could keep the post office running on time for the last 40-50 years and so our life span should start to shrink and we won’t have to deal with it for very much longer.


      • VladTheImpaler

        A lot of earlier comment show the ignorance of environmental extremists regarding nuclear energy. How much radiation is concentrated in waste from coal burning plants? LOTS! And, it is exposed to rain and weather.

        Do the homework.

        We need to explore the pebble bed reactor – I think China is already doing this. The environmental extremists need to move elsewhere or THEY will destroy, America, and NOTnuclear energy.

      • Jon

        the sad part is China is open to new and innovative ideas with existing technologies that work! We’ll take an American Billionaire and have him develop a better nuclear power plant. This is something this administration won’t allow in the US. Apparently the Chinese communists are more concerned about energy independence than our environmental communists.

      • Denbo

        A better question is why not build it in the USA with American workers?

      • Tom

        Denbo: NIMBY is why. The US hasn’t allowed a new nuclear reactor to be built in DECADES. This type of project must either be carried out where there is minimal government interference (which is no-where on Earth now, sadly), or in a place where the government encourages such things. Obstructionist governments like ours make it impossible. That is the REAL reason “American” jobs have been “flowing overseas”. If there was no stable at least quasi-capitalist society abroad, most of those jobs simply would have disappeared, and the goods they made would not be available anywhere.

      • DID YOU KNOW??

        The LAST thing this world needs is more nuclear power !!

        Don’t buy into their nuclear lies !

        Nuclear is not clean. It is filthy.

        Nuclear power plants spew dangerous radiation into the environment every day and it’s allowed!

        That radiation ends up in YOUR milk and water and air !!

        Japan had 3 nuclear meltdowns in March and the radiation is all over the place!

        Plus they’re dumping radiation into the Pacific Ocean !

        Do you want that to happen in the U.S.?

        You can learn more at

        No, this is not spam. It’s an excellent website to learn how the United States and the world is being destroyed by radiation from nuclear.

        And here’s a great article about the radiation from Japan’s 3 nuclear meltdowns that was FOUND IN THE UNITED STATES:

      • By_The_Beard_of...

        Thorium Nuclear Reactor. Sounds safer (than Uranium reactor), cheaper (than Uranium), and will never result in a meltdown. It’s the shizzle fo’ sheezy.

    • Chris

      Windows has encountered an error, if you where in the middle of cooling the reactor we are sorry. You might destroy a town and kill thousands of people.

      • Chris

        bumpkin I was trying to be funny, I actually want more nuke power. Sorry I am a programer and I thought that comment of mine was funny.

      • bumpkin

        Chris, at least he is trying! What are U doing about nuclear power’s safety problem???

      • ts

        Where is that darn any key?

      • Anon

        You’re right! Japan’s 3 nuclear meltdowns in March is all over Japan, in their food, rice, cattle, water, air, milk…and it was found in the United States!

        Nuclear is not clean. Nuclear is not green.

        It uses so much of our clean water in the world and it’s heating the water which is heating the atmosphere!

        Please don’t believe anyone who says nuclear is safe.

        Nuclear is a nightmare!

      • BSOD

        Chirs it was funny, bumpkin is just a no life looser

    • chipgiii

      Systems says: “shut down, and reboot.”


        Nuclear power plants release dangerous radiation like:

        CESIUM 137

        IODINE 131

        into YOU environment.

        That radiation can cause CANCER.

        Higher incidents of leukemia in children who live around nuclear power plants!

        It’s a dirty little secret of the nuclear industry!

        And billions and billions of your taxdollars go to BUILD, MAINTAIN AND CLEAN UP AFTER NUCLEAR power plants!

        But the nuclear plant owners get all of the PROFIT !!

        Stop being duped!

        So NO to nuclear!

    • Jimbo

      Hopefully it isnt built like the xbox 360 was!

      • Bezzlebubba

        The red ring of death could take on a whole new meaning.


      When we trust China in joint construction of nuclear power plants reactors China will cause United States of America glow in the dark. Bill Gates should keep his ideas in America! Wake up America we are being sold out to China.

  • fishfinder911

    So he went fro building computers to nukes? I think he should be placed on a leash

    • Gandalf

      Placed on a leash ?!? What, are you a communist, or fascist? The man is a true American industrialist. Leave him alone and get out of his way, or compete fairly with him.

      • Woopsy

        I like cheese.

      • spongebob

        I wouldn’t want the operating system his company created running any nuclear reactor. Bill Gates is no innovator. His former company has been playing catch up for many years now. I don’t think he has what it takes to come up with anything innovative.

      • NOPE

        The ‘man’ is gov’t owned. Remember the Microsoft monopoly suit years ago…. hmm.. quietly went away didn’t it….

      • willbur

        there is no fair competition in this society anymore. Whats your address in bizaro world?

  • Gil

    Got rid of the problems with poverty. Has the fool gone into the rural farmin area. They are required to have permission to go into the prosperous cities. Why doesn’t he work with MIT or other american universities. It shows how much he values the users of the products he brought to market. Aren’t about 80% of Chinese software in use pirated

  • apinchofsalt22

    most nuclear technology is stuck in the 1970s. 40+ years of sitting on our hands because of a bunch of tree huggers. $40 billion dollars of research over that 40 years…it would not only be the safest form of energy, but the world energy problems would have been solved Now thats green!



      Just ask Japan if nuclear energy is safe! After Japan’s 3 nuclear meltdowns, radiation was found all over Japan…as far away as Tokyo! And as far away as in the United States…in our air, milk and water !!

      Radiation is in Japan’s air, food supply, water and they’re dumping radioactive water into the Pacific ocean.

      Japanese children wear radiation detectors to school and are fed school lunches with radiation in the food!

      Stop pushing a deadly and dangerous technology!

      Nuclear is the WORST, MOST DANGEROUS energy ever invented.

      30 TONS of high-level nuclear waste is generated by each 1000-megawatt nuclear power plant and NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO WITH IT !

      There are over 400 nuclear power plants in the world generating tons and tons of nuclear waste that will be around for 240,000 years !

      Who is going to be around to keep an eye on that nuclear waste for 240,000 years!

      NUCLEAR energy is a nightmare.

      No insurance company will insure it, so YOUR TAX DOLLARS pay to insure nuclear power plants. But, YOUR home is not insured for a nuclear incident!

      People in Japan lost everything!

      • Conservative Abroad

        “radiation was found all over Japan … as far away as Tokyo!”

        Nutcase.. Tokyo is only 150 miles from Fukushima, practically next door and I live 50 miles farther and we all are perfectly safe. The evacuation area is 10 miles and it’s being cleaned up right now.

        I’ve stood directly underneath where the Atomic Bomb “Fat Man” exploded (you figure out where) and that was an effort to actually cause radiation damage and there isn’t any 60 years later so your 240,000 year mark is a little off also.

        Lastly, of the people that were radiated and survived the bombings, twice as many (per capita) were alive 60 years later than the similar age group in America. Maybe it’s not as deadly as the alarmists proclaim.

      • RationalThinker

        ….actually Terrapower wants to use that 30 tons of depleted uranium.

    • Anonymous

      Terrapower can “want” to use the uranium all it wants, but it can’t.

      It’s still untested and probably as dangerous as MOX fuel they’re trying to use.

      It’s all smoke and mirrors with the nuclear industry. It’s always lies to the public and money in their pockets.

  • JGreen

    So true and so sad. How little the public knows or cares to know about the potential behind Fast Breeder Reactors and a Closed Fuel Cycle along with other Gen IV technologies is astounding.

    • Guest

      Benefit from a fast breeder?

      What a joke!

      Stop peddling nuclear propaganda.

      The fast breeder went out of control in tests, didn’t it?

      That’s all we need is more nuclear power plants out of control !


    Proves: “People with power, want more power” “People with money want to be people with power”

  • John Vlisides

    Makes the “Blue Screen of death” phrase a little more scary

    • Chris Lynch

      lol, I was thinking the same thing

  • Craig Pitt

    “TerraPower says it has discussed its plans with India, Russia and other countries with nuclear energy programs.”
    Again and again, other countries are leading the way on things that will improve economic conditions and quality of life. Major infrastructure and technology projects are a thing of our past here in the US. Sometimes our government’s incompetence and lack of interest in our future is so blatant, it makes me wonder if they’re knowingly selling us up a river. Trillions are being extracted through our banking system, they do nothing. Millions streaming over the border, depressing our wages and taking the jobs that young men used to do for a livable wage, nothing. We are bleeding. Please look into Ron Paul’s plan to end the Fed.

    • JoePublic

      Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

    • Tommy in Chicago

      OMG, this one is a live one. He is a Ron “Squeaky Old Man” Paul fan too …. OY.

      • mac

        I am a Ron Paul believe (fan), what’s it to you? stinky (coming from Chicago I am not surprised by your comment!)

      • WhatAboutBob

        Who’s cool aid are you drinking? No don’t tell me you live in Al Capone’s city!

    • Conservative Abroad

      I agree with you Craig, unfortunately, the Libertarians want open borders. That’s a turn off for me.

      The Eco-terrorists and biased scientists have scared people so much about Nuclear Power it’s disgusting.

      This accident should show how safe Nuclear Power is. A 40 year old reactor, was hit by 2 of the worst natural disasters in 100 years at the same time and how many people were killed by radiation…….. 0.

      Do any of these alarmists have anything that works after 40 years let alone that would stand up to being dropped 2 feet?

      40 years later we have technology that would make a reactor shut down and stay safe if anything happened even worse than Fukushima and that can run off spent fuel, yet the Eco-Terrorists want to take the world back to the stone age.

  • Mike

    i believe this is technically treason… gates should be charged accordingly!

    • ciscon

      so should all democrats or independents that believed obamas hope and change—in any case they should lose their voting rights untill competency evaluation for voting against their own and the countrys well-being.

  • KM

    Glad that he is concerned about China, Russia, India and other countries, we, the US, surely don’t have no need for emerging technologies to make nuclear power saver and cheaper.

  • Mark Fenton

    Gates will grovel to anyone with Power. The man would sell his soul for a buck. Remember Pirates of Silicon Valley

    • VladTheImpaler

      He save Steve Jobs and APPLE! FOR FREE!

  • Shane

    Sooo what happens when they do updates on the software? Is a city going to be without power while the thing reboots?

  • koegirl

    What a hypocrite!!! Stand up against our President OBOZO and tell him and his greenies how nuclear power will benefit OUR COUNTRY AND OUR PEOPLE. Instead, line ObOZO’S POCKETS for another election and fly off to China to help those commies acquire what we aren’t allowed to have. What a patriot!!

    • James raider

      . . . . A rather accurate observation.

  • Massimo Deportado

    NWO is not happening fast enough for Gates or Soros.

    They deserve each other.

  • David B

    It must suck to have 50 billion and still have to buy your friends.

  • Craig Pitt

    Obama is an easy enough scapegoat, if it makes you sleep better to have such an easily identifiable enemy.
    The truth is, it’s all of them. That’s why Gates has to go to other world powers to pitch this technology. Should he just sit on it until our government becomes functional and starts looking out for our interests again? He will die waiting. He is a capitalist, not a nationalist commy. So YES, he is going to go where they will deploy his ideas. BG has given away a lot of money, and made some really positive initiatives regarding Rich people giving back. I don’t agree with everything he does, but I think he’s doing good things.

    • WhatAboutBob

      Kudos to you Craig Pitt! Very few politicians have followed Constitutional Law for the past 100 years, that is why we’re in this mess! Liars and thieves are what plagues all of humanity! Truth has no agenda! There are very few moral or ethical people in Washington, DC. The definition of politic is: blood sucker! The Politics in Washington, DC are sucking the life out of America and turning us all against each other! Not the Vision of our Founding Fathers!

  • Captain America

    Blue Screen of Death!

  • L Torvalds

    Gates made his billions HERE in the USA. He has a patriotic duty to get our house in order. He is a traitor.

    I’m glad I use Linux.

    • Craig Pitt

      Do you have a bank account? A credit card? They are purposefully subverting our economy, and using our own money to do it. Do you know over 90% of the multitrillion derivatives market is owned by 4 banks. Do you protest BP? Do you shop at walmart? Target? Do you own Apple products? Do you own an American car, buying a foreign car ships thousands of dollars oversees.
      Bill Gates doesn’t owe you free power buddy. He doesn’t owe you anything. Get it through your head that NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING. Our government is selling us. NOT just Obama, or the dems or the republicans. They all play for the same team! Team international bankers! That’s why we are stuck in a perpetual, made-up war. Don’t sit there and bash Gates for trying to get a potentially beneficial technology deployed where they will PAY. ARE WE THE COMMUNISTS NOW OR SOMETHING? IS IT BETTER TO DO BUSINESS WITH CHINA? Think about it, and don’t sit there with your hand out in awe of his big purse strings and jealous cause he ain’t givin some gibsmuhdat, that’s for losers.

      • Tommy in Chicago

        Hey Craig save it. Bill Gates was allowed to STEAL outright or purchase at least 75% of what Microsoft sells as theirs….and there are literally millions of people that know it.

        Who is Bill Gates going to steal nuclear reactor designs from? There is NOBODY to steal from since the GE reactors in Japan proved unsafe, which means that Bill Gates for the first time in his life has to lead a team of scientists in a field he knows nothing about to design a product he knows nothing about. If that sounds like the second coming of Microsoft Windows then we do nto need him involved because these are nuclear reactors.

        Gates is a theif, and should go home and do something he is more fit for like playing bridge. Bill Gates involved in nuclear reacotr deign or manufacutre is a total disaster.

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  • Justin Time

    Liberals tend to get really quiet in articles like this.

  • Chris

    This reactor has performed an illegal operation and must be shutdown.

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  • Tommy in Chicago

    I thought he would be so busy giving away $5 mosquito nets that we would never hear from this fool again.

    When Microsoft purchased Hotmail, and they decided to get rid of the UNIX and Linux servers that were running the business, it took more than 2X as many Microsoft Windows servers….and they had to be constantly reboot.

    There are no known Microsoft Windows operating systems that control jumbo jets, missiles, battle ships, and he thinks that the Chinese are going to let him design a nuclear reactor? Either the Chinese think that he is back to stealing designs and ideas again, this time from GE and we see how well those systems held up in Japan…so, what is China’s answer?

    I would tell Mr Greedy to go away, and take his bald headed emBalmer with him.

    • Craig Pitt

      First off… I doubt Bill Gates is actually designing any nuclear reactors. He’s not Tony Starks sitting in some crazy futuristic lab in his basement building nuclear plants. He is a consultant/investor, probably because he is known more for his shrewd business sense than his technical abilities. Grow up.
      Second, If Bill gates stole something, you should report that to the police. Steve Jobs didn’t. Apple bought the GUI from Xerox, who didn’t realize that they were holding pure gold at the time and didn’t have the business sense (Like Gates with DOS) to lease the technology instead of selling it. Maybe we should build gambling reservations for Xerox as reparations for their stupidity, cause they dun got trikked! Apple too, for basically giving it away to Gates. You seem to have some real “in depth” knowledge of the situation, by the way. It’s time someone take a look at smarter nuclear plants instead of riding old technology to the ground, like the establishment always does.

      • Tommy in Chicago

        First off… Bill Gates nevere designed his first OS. Microsoft BOUGHT CPM and stole what they could not buy.

        Over the years Gates and Microsoft stole at every opportunity and due to the US Govt, they stole their way right to the top, with their last major KILL being Netscape who designed the first major web browser.

        Second, Craig Pitt, you a a moron and the number of companies that Bill Gates stole technology from are in the hundreds. I know that you s^ck Gates d^ck but the rest of us don’t have too.

  • Mike

    We need to be looking at Thorium reactors not more Uranium. They are still only in concept but the benifits are staggering. Safer, less waste, and all around cheaper once we get them going. The only reason we do not have them today is because in the 40’s and 50’s the US government wanted nuclear weapons, so they took the route of uranium istead of thorium. If anyone really cared about a safe nuclear reactor its obvious the answer lies with thorium.

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