EUGENE, Ore. (CBS Seattle) – Two men are accused of throwing marijuana at police during a high-speed chase.

Two men were arrested Monday night after a high-speed chase featured the suspects tearing open several large bags of marijuana and throwing the contraband from their car, pelting the window of the police car.

Joshua Edward Lutz of Pacific, Wash., and Nathan Garza of Auburn, Ore., have been charged with possession of delivering marijuana and tampering evidence. Additional charges for Lutz include reckless driving and eluding police.

The chase began around 9 p.m. as an officer approached the car and witnessed evidence of illegal activity involving the marijuana, according to the Eugene Register-Guard. When police ordered Lutz to exit the vehicle, he began exiting before hopping back in the car and speeding away from police.

As police tried to keep up with Lutz and Garza, who were reportedly driving as fast as 110 mph during the chase, Garza began tearing up bags of marijuana in the car and began flinging it out the window in the direction of police. Lutz would join in the fun soon thereafter, the Register-Guard reports.

The duo would eventually stop the car, with Lutz running from the scene as Garza stayed with the car. Police would chase down Lutz, threatening to Taser him, which would ultimately persuade him to be taken into custody.

Lane County police indicated that they have cleared the road of more than five pounds of marijuana that was thrown from the window of Lutz’s car.

“We made sure there was none left,” Oregon state police trooper Clay Core told the Register-Guard.


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