Microsoft Patents ‘Avoid Ghetto’ Feature For GPS Devices

By Peter V. Milo

REDMOND, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — Microsoft has been granted a patent for its “avoid ghetto” feature for GPS devices.

A GPS device is used to find shortcuts and avoid traffic, but Microsoft’s patent states that a route can be plotted for pedestrians to avoid an “unsafe neighborhood or being in an open area that is subject to harsh temperatures.”

Created for mobile phones, the technology uses the latest crime statistics and weather data and includes them when calculating a route.

The patent, written in a combination of tech-speak and legalese, was awarded to Microsoft earlier this week. It also described other uses for the new GPS technology.

One section of the patent mentioned that advertisers can use the technology to navigate a user through a newly set up ad campaign.

Microsoft declined to comment to CBS Seattle.

  • Frank Lee

    I’ll take two.

    • Tonto

      I can hear the female computer voice now: “Unable to provide directions to D.C., Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia. Please make a u-turn… NOW.”

      • Paul

        Mary, joe, and Gerry you are talking about Johns Hopkins Hospital. The Johns Hopkins University, is actually in a rather nice neighborhood, granted there are some neighborhoods somewhat close to JHU, that may be a bit sketchy. However all in all the area is fairly safe.

      • G

        …and USC.

      • wugrad

        East St. Louis will definitely be in there. In fact, large portions of St. Louis should also be included. Rock on.

      • Logan Grant

        tonto thats funny as hell

      • Juan Valdez

        And New Haven, CT; and Durham, NC; and Toledo, OH; Compton, CA.

      • James Buchanan


      • George Gi

        and Baltimore :)

      • JWS

        Hahaha! That’s awesome!

      • Stephen Bozich

        and New Orleans, Los Angeles, and all of Ohio.

      • Gerry

        Hilarious! And the comments to your comment already added another group of cities to your list! I understand that Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore actually has to hire security guards to escort students and faculty to public transportation off-campus. This app can be very useful and may save the lives of some non-Homeys.

      • ronmadden

        0ccupy camps, Oakland

      • Kingfish

        Good one Tonto, you are right on, and they can have another one to steer the monkeys to the ghetto sections.

      • maxine

        very good!!!

      • Mary

        Have to admit I desperately wanted this feature when driving (via my GPS’s instructions) into Baltimore to get to Johns Hopkins this past Sept. We were joking that they must helicoptor the students in wearing blindfolds.

      • Joe

        Mary, I concur. Per the GPS instructions, drove south on Hwy 1 past Johns Hopkins to the highway. Most of the businesses were boarded up along the route and plenty of peeps offering up little baggies as I drove by. It was a Saturday afternoon so fortunately there weren’t TOO many hangin’ on the corners. That was a long 30 minute drive with virtually no traffic.

      • ex-infantry

        It’s funny how D.C., Chicago, Detroit, etc….the places with the strictest gun control laws…are the ones where you worry the most about being shot.

      • reporter

        And U of Chicago just south of Chicago…the University has their own army of police to protect the white and asian students from the negroids in Hyde Park but there are still at least three or four robberies on campus every week.

      • Dude

        I needs to be more realistic … It s hould saysomething like … _ IGGER ALERT !

      • cam smith

        or Prince George’s County Maryland

      • amenkhosmos

        i surmise by the first couple of comments I’ve read that people are drawing racial rather than socioeconomical conclusions about the people who live in the “ghetto.” the ghetto is home to a wide range of ethnicities, so keep that in mind when you judge. Also, the reference to monkeys going to the ghetto; one has to find a different representative of of hue-mans than monkeys. After all, monkeys have straight hair/fur, thin lips, & colored eyes. Now whom does that bring to mind.

      • rawdog1

        Why is you only see blacks in those areas then Einstein?

      • Obungo

        Perhaps ape is a better description than monkey, our bad.


        You CAN’T AVOID the oncoming

      • Earl K.

        Don’t forget Cleveland!!

      • Chad

        *No mention of New York City*
        Son, I am disappoint.

      • Dan

        The ignorance of this thread is shocking. Many of our cities have problems, but I wouldn’t trade living in Baltimore (near Johns Hopkins, by the way) for any of your bland, Walmart lives in a million years. I feel perfectly safe in my city, I’ve never had any problems or dangers and would recommend living here to anyone.

      • Mark M.

        You live in Baltimore and you recommend living there? Did you move there from Detroit? Or did your crack head mom drop you on your head too many times back when your favorite hobby was eating lead paint chips?

      • Adam

        Funny…could do without the racial commentary, though…

        To Dan in Baltimore…

        I also live in Baltimore, and all I can say is, if you feel perfectly safe, you aren’t paying attention.

      • blackHat

        @Dan: What do you expect? The gaggle of seething Drudge trolls descended upon this article like fresh carrion. “Huh huh huh…we can make thinly-veiled jokes about black people. Huh huh huh.”

      • rawdog1

        F^%k you, Blaks deserve to be made fun of.
        “You people” don’t seem to get the fact that it’s your culture that is so disgusting to ALL other races. Even African blacks don’t respect “you people”. That’s truth to entitlement. It isn’t your color, it’s your culture.

      • Wang

        ‘…The gaggle of seething Drudge trolls descended upon this article like fresh carrion. “Huh huh huh…we can make thinly-veiled jokes about black people. Huh huh huh.”…”

        There is nothing amusing about blacks. They are curse, scourge, and pestilence. Nothing is improved by the addition of blacks and everything is improved by their absence.

    • smart traveler

      I’d buy it for sure. I don’t want to get beaten, robbed, raped, or killed. I don’t even like driving through the ghetto with my windows up and car doors locked. It’s just too dangerous.

      • Scott

        Never heard of someone getting raped while driving through a neighborhood. You must be special!

      • gc

        scott you have obviously not done much urban driving. standard not to stop at red lights to close to the car in front so you can pull out and evade intruders. a locked vehicle is no protection from criminals.

      • Sharon

        I doubt that anyone would want you

    • supersniffy

      Hey Johnny, ever notice how the only ones playing the race card are Black? Now who’s the racist?

      • Kaba

        You mean like the folks posting here? Really?

    • jdaniel

      …even while it rolls down the street

    • Roger Kling

      Dats wacist!

    • Ken

      wait a sec — why on earth is this patentable?

      • Alex Bowers

        because it is microsofts ‘algorithm’ that is patented, not so much the technology, since the technology used (gps and crime data etc) already exists.

    • Wang

      And she set the record for number of jumping jacks. Or something similar.

  • Sergey B

    What if one wants “only” ghettos?

    • concerned

      that is “find crack” app

      • Bill E Bob

        That’s funny

      • Mike


    • the Dude

      Like Chris Rock says – look for Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in any city.

      • Howie Phelterbusch

        not true. the Martin Luther King JR blvd in Deland Florida is rural with few people living on it. no black ghetto near it.

      • george

        Not necessarily. In many communities, the street renamed after MLK Jr. was the street that was accessed by the most freeway offramps. Hence, more large green signs spelling out the name. The whole idea was to rub the name in everyone’s faces to the fullest extent possible. Something similar was done in San Francisco when Army Street was renamed Cesar Chavez Boulevard. Army Street, you see, was accessed by TWO different freeways, including the one that carries people between downtown S.F. and the airport.

      • watchoutyall

        For your safety, it is generally a good idea to avoid any street named “MLK.”

      • Jennifer Granholm

        Hey, this is how I find the “Popeye Chicken” locations.

      • JandJ

        I lived in Vegas once, and even though it was faster into the city on “MLK” most people from the northern suburbs drove around that area into the city unless it was day time and urgent with your windows up and doors locked hoping for no red lights

    • Htos1

      Have you even used a keyboard?Invert selection.Make sure you visit legalzoom first!

    • Doreen Gaydoon

      LMAO! That is the “Find Crack” app which the user can toggle to

    • Luis

      Then get the app “crack finder” or “ho finder”

  • christine keyes

    GREAT IDEA! and being safe is NEVER bad.

  • Ryan

    I thought of this about 2 years ago damnit.

    • jdaniel

      I sort of did too. My Idea was for the GPS to avoid any streets named “MLK”, or “Martin Luther King” Blvd. And honestly… I really loved the man. But racist or not, there is no denying the linkage.

      • Jerry BB.

        @ Ricardo Reyes

        “as Dave Chappelle said, if you find yourself on the corner of MLK and Malcolm X, you should run for you life!”

        That being said, that Chappelle line is funny as hell !!!
        Funny and sad at the same time…

      • Slight

        Being an Atlanta resident myself, I feel your pain. I avoid most streets with any name in them. Just seems to work out that way.

      • Ricardo Reyes

        don’t forget Malcolm X. And as Dave Chappelle said, if you find yourself on the corner of MLK and Malcolm X, you should run for you life!

  • Predator

    Microsoft and other GPS services may have a potential class action lawsuit on their hands if they only targeted white ghettos? What’s in your criteria?

    • WCM

      “the technology uses the latest crime statistics and weather data and includes them when calculating a route”

      Seems completely agnostic to race as specific criteria, depending on what they mean by “crime statistics” and what is contained in the data they use there. Although it may avoid “white” ghettos if it snowed since it includes weather data.

      • Mike

        It may be technically indifferent to race, but realistically nearly all of the high crime areas will be black or Hispanic. More significantly, most majority black or Hispanic neighborhoods are high crime areas. Very rare are the white neighborhoods where a person is at risk of being attacked by a stranger who isn’t a police officer.

      • George Johnson

        Doesn’t matter. I always had a good, but sad laugh, when black folks called their computer “racist” for what ever reason.

        And yep, the companies finally gave in and made them “non-racist”.

    • TheRealKingMax

      They use the same targeting criteria as is programmedby the military in their Tomahawk and Hellfire missiles.

      • GozieBoy

        Good. I don’t want to accidentally run into any Al Qaida ghettos!

      • disiullusioned

        What that means is two things then, TheRealKingMax:

        1) Microsoft again stole another idea from yet another innovation and patented for themselves for profits.

        2) When they turn the military against the amerikans, it will target only the taxpayers. All that will be left are the voters for the demonrats (liberals).

    • eladsinned`

      “white ghettos”? You’re adorable!

      • wallythedog

        They are called Trailer Parks.

      • rawdog1

        Funny though how the trailer parks are filled with trailers that are owned by the inhabitants and thus much cleaner and generally a better place to be than say, MLKblvd.

  • nugy

    wow where is jesse and al on this?they could get some 15 mins on this.and does it have a feature to avoid the white house too.

    • doyle

      It does say “avoid high crime areas”.

    • hawkdriver1961

      Are you kidding? They would be the first to get this feature! Jessie, I am sure, is tired of his Escalade being stripped down…

  • Johan

    I can hear the female computer voice now: “Unable to provide directions to D.C., Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia. Please make a u-turn… NOW.”

    • Tervon Thomas


    • John Fuller

      I’ve never seen a “white ghetto”.

      • Justin N

        They’re called suburbs.

  • CK

    I thought of something similar many years, though not related to GPS. This is a software innovation and should not be patentable. Ridiculous.

    • DDD

      rofl yup because when I’m out and about that’s exactly who I’m scared off.

    • Ken

      I know right? I’m sitting here thinking about how this would be done, and it’s be basically the same as “coloring” an area for a park, or a toll road, or whatever typical property we use to classify a road, and whatever data structure you are using just has a flag that says “is_ghetto = 1”.

      The only part that is innovative is the part where you name the variable “is_ghetto”! So are proper nouns patentable? Give me a break! US patent office is a joke. I’ll call my feature “avoid economically challenged area”. Jerks.

  • Kev

    Only if we can can have one that warns: “Avoid Wall Street Bankers.” would be better.

    • doyle

      Posted from an IPhone/IPad while the poster was sipping a Starbucks, wearing Doc Martins, Levis, an LL Bean coat, and a Hollister shirt.

      Can you say hypocrite? Sure, I knew you could.

      • Bob G.

        Nice Doyle. Now let’s mug that dude..

    • Fu Manchu

      Hahahaha…. Because, you see, Kevin is sensitive, you see, and he wanted to find a way to say that white people are bad, you see, so he, like, talked about an “avoid bankers” feature, see?

      Wasn’t that ADORABLE! I just want to give him a big hug! So sweet!

      • TheRealKingMax


        Kev would be far happier if someone would visit his tent, leave a big steaming pile on his chest, and rub it in with rubber gloves.

        That’s just the type of guy he is!

      • Chris

        Wow! Burn!!!

    • KevSux

      Avoid nice ,clean, safe, asthetically pleasing areas? Does that make any sense?

      • Chris

        Of course it does. Wandering into a nice neighborhood and seeing that people have stuff you don’t have might spark another OWS rally.

    • Rich

      1 – Kevin saw Obama take a trillion dollars (or ten million $100k jobs) and make it dissapear in the largest money crime in human history.
      2 – Kevin received his download from party headquarters
      3 – Kevin moved to an OWS camp
      4 – Kevin pulled his head from his butt so he could poop on a police car.

    • confused by doofus

      Why would you want to avoid them? I seriously doubt they will attack you. Don’t you have a bank account or a 401k?

  • Kendra Sigurdson

    This is not what patent laws were written for when the laws were written. This is wrong. It has nothing to do with the subject. Its not a patentable technology

    • doyle

      Sorry, but it is intellectual property and therefore patentable.

    • Il Bui

      Kendra you ARE correct. However, obvious algorithms are patented all the time. Ever hear of the one click purchase patent?

      • John Moser

        One click was partially rejected and should have been entirely thrown out. The statement link above made no mention of algorithms. It read to me like a patent of a concept.

    • Cake

      You’re absolutely right! We should be able to patent anything, no matter how stupid!
      Excuse me while I go patent breathing. I might as well file one for walking a straight line too.

      IP laws themselves are terrible. They’re supposed to protect ideas, but they’re built in a way to earn revenue from large corporations. They serve no use to the small business owners that actually need it. For every one success story, there’s a hundred horror stories of epic proportions.

    • John Moser

      It’s obvious that you are an idiot. You can’t patent(well you can but only because morons like yourself work there) a simple concept. They can patent their code or hardware but not an idea. If they can do that, I can patent the fusion reactor tomorrow. I can’t build one but so what?

    • Mark M.

      This comment appears to be a locus of ignorance given all the wrongheaded comments that it attracts. The code is copyrighted by the fact that it is a fixed expression of an idea. Only inventions or processes are Patentable. Patents are for Novel (aka New), Non-obvious and useful inventions. But while it is probably novel, and certainly useful, I don’t see how it’s non-obvious. People have been talking about marking bad areas on travel maps for decades. But it always seems like lawsuits and/or a desire to not antagonize certain ethnic groups have always suppressed this obviously useful information.

    • Ken

      You don’t understand GozieBoy: The exact same map-characterization feature has already been done — “avoid toll roads”. This is obviously not patentable using any honest interpretation of patent law.

      And going even beyond that, Google has already patented the pathfinding concept whereby you associate cost to a route using variables — this is just another way of associating cost, presumably the cost of “loss of safety.” Anyway I think all software patents are BS.

    • Ken

      here’s that patent btw:

  • E. Bonix

    I understand the new feature is to be advertiser supported by Delta Airlines:

    • Hussein


      LOL funny!

    • too funny

      American Airlines should do one. They can market it to their Black Atlas customers –

    • A. Olsen

      The future of Obama’s America.

      Keep voting democrats

      • suzie k

        Yes, since our president is black he wants everyone to speak ebonics. Stay classy Republicans.

      • Ken

        sure because democrats and republicans are parties that actually represent their constituents and not corporate lobbies. Stay stupid voters?

      • Rm

        Susie k,
        Since when did Obama become black?
        He is really a half breed!

  • Thinknot Lestyebejudged

    I think avoiding an area based only on crime statistics is just as racist as voting for someone based only on the color of their skin. Wait…that doesn’t make any sense. (Must reference my university education here, Lord knows individual, critical thinking is a form of intolerance).

    • doyle

      Thinknot, this is the Thought Police. We have your head surrounded. Come out with your Liberal Indoctrination Center papers (read: university degree) up.

      You are being charged with Thoughts of an Individual Nature.
      That’s a very serious crime in the U.S.S.A. under Dear Leader Maobama.

      You have the right to remain indoctrinated, if you give up this right anything you think can and will be used against you in a court of Thought Law. You have the right to a Liberal Attorney. If you can afford an attorney on your own, your property will be seized and redistributed for the common good. Since you can afford an attorney on your own, you are hereby found automatically guilty of being a 1%er and shall be forthwith sentenced to a lifetime of servitude to the State (may she ever be praised). If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you, pad for by the 1%er already serving hard time. Do you understand these rights as I have thought them at you?

      • Zack

        Thanks for wasting my time with trying to be funny.

      • george

        Thanks for making me chuckle. Hardly a waste of time.

  • Richard Pryor

    It would be a source of neighborhood pride to be living in one of these zones. “We bad.. we bad”

  • bogroll

    I doubt it. My guess is there will be quite a few trailer parks that are considered ghetto too.

    • Sammie

      Nah, trailer parks pretty much drink beer and cook meth, and inbreed. They dont have the gang of trailer park crips that shoot people, and its not unsafe to drive past one.

      • rawdog1

        Funny!…F^%ked up but funny.

  • dennis

    exactly what i was thinking

  • MICROSOFT Patents 'Avoid Ghetto' Feature For GPS Devices... | Breaking News

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  • eshowoman

    Will this app allow me to avoid the neighborhoods filled with ignorant white confederate flag waving, cross burning, racist, inbred, meth labs also?

    • Chalkie White

      You’d have to buy the Black Version, which wouldn’t warn you about Oaklin, South Central, Miami, etc.

    • Uncle Jesse

      Yeah, those would be the areas with the low crime statistics

    • Willie Doit

      Don’t axe me

    • Tyrone Cotrell White

      Now I be bying me some meth you moran! Dont EVER tell a brutha not to go where da dope is!

    • TheRealKingMax

      Why? don’t you love yo momma no mo?

    • Clark Griswald

      What do i look like … Christopher Columbo?

    • ronb

      Why? You get lost on the way home?

    • Noamsayn?

      Only if you’re a nappy-headed ho.

    • One Nation, under God

      Wow. I decided to read these comments hoping for a good laugh, instead, I get nothing but the same anonymous rhetoric that continues to prevent this country from evolving. All collections of people all over the world have those who for whatever reason, feel like society has left them behind. Whether that is true or not, instinctually, you will do what “you feel” is necessary for your survival. I am a Black man born and raised in Washington, DC, and yes there are neighborhoods I would not dare enter. I now live in Texas and there are some roads in Henderson County that many of you wouldn’t dare turn down once the pavement ends so save it. The difference between poor Blacks and Poor whites comes down to location. You’ll never see a ghetto in the country and you’ll never see trailer parks in the city. Black people aren’t even enough of the US population to be as bad as you would like for us to be. My Grandfather is buried in Arlington National Cemetary, my father is an educator with 35+ years experience, and I too am an educator who has worked hard to raise MY family to the best of MY ABILITY…… the best of your ability unfortunately, isn’t the same for everyone.

      If you’re going to hate, hate the person for their actions and not for their Race or Nationality….. Because just like the Race card, the Hate card is just as old nd OVERPLAYED. EVOLVE.

      • davec

        …another “its all about me” post..

        sign… I wasted 5 seconds scanning thru it.

      • Bill Hudson

        Right On,
        Brother from a different Mother!

      • Roger Sterling

        You said ‘Black people aren’t even enough of the US population to be as bad as you would like for us to be’. Really? Then how come Blacks do much more crime and violence than other races? It seems like everywhere you look, Blacks are chimping out.

        Evolve? Tell your own people to evolve, will ya?

      • Pam

        Just and FYI, more serial killers are white. White people committed the greatest crimes in history, the Jewish people and blacks, crimes committed against these people by whites

      • Mark M.

        What crime was that? Figuring out how to keep the world from starving? The invention of pesticides? Figuring out to turn the black goo bubbling up from the ground into something that produced plastics, heat and locomotion? How to escape subsistence level farming? You’re obviously a racist idiot.

      • Renato da Silva

        When your entire culture is based on being thugs, don’t be surprised when decent society leaves you behind. You did this to yourself.

      • Wang

        Facts hurt, don’t they? 52% of murders, 67% of armed robberies, 89% of interracial crimes, 45% of aggravated rapes. What the hell is wrong with you people? And you have the temerity to suggest other people ‘evolve’?

      • ljandrews78

        this entire thread is sad

    • Al

      Unfortunately, I see the day coming when you won’t be able to freely express any racist opinions. Speak freely while you still can. . . . Oh, wait — you’re more or less speaking anonymously on the Internet, aren’t you?

    • bthorn50

      If they have high crime statistics, then the application will re-route you.

    • Guest

      Dr. Thomas Sowell, in his book “White Liberals and Black Rednecks”, details how the black folks we laugh about were created by the white rednecks prior to 1861. These redneck whites were called rednecks and crackers hundreds of years ago when they were still in Europe and Ireland. They were dumb, preoccupied with sex, mean, evil, and lazy. They instilled these influences into the slaves they ruled…thereby creating black rednecks.
      The black man from the north who had never lived under these influences was educated, hard-working, and prosperous. After the civil war many of the blacks from the south, wanting what the blacks of the north had, moved to the north – bringing their redneck ways with them. Soon all blacks had a bad name.

      • Wang

        It may give Sowell comfort to imagine whites entirely responsible for black pathology, but the truth is blacks are consistent in their pattern of criminality and fecklessness. Name a destination of the Black African Diaspora and you’ll find black problems. Trinidad y Tabago. Brazil. Colombia. Not many ‘rednecks’ there I assume. Perhaps the blacks were damaged by contact with the Portuguese or Spanish version of ‘crackers’, Los Cuellos Rojos.

        Meanwhile the ‘rednecks and crackers’ of ‘Europe and Ireland’, despite their benighted state, built the modern world. My God, that must hurt. To be black and to matter for so little. Not unlike the Muslims, and we know what that led to.

        Excuse me while go download (paid for) some Tegan and Sara songs to make myself feel better. Black people! Christ!

        BTW, ‘preoccupied with sex, mean, evil, and lazy’, are you saying that’s bad? Oh, but I am in trouble.

  • Rainbow Coalition

    Perhaps to become REALLY politically incorrect, the app could color the areas according to who lives there:

    East LA = BROWN
    South Central, Detroit, Philly, NYC, Newark = BLACK
    Chinatown, Koreatown, N Hollywood = YELLOW

    • Ken

      detroit = no_fill ?

  • Mitt Ramknee

    Guess that I won’t be droppin’ the kids off at Harlem anymore.

  • GPS to avoid ghettos!! - Stormfront

    […] […]

  • Lubs dem Whites

    I am waiting for the 2.0 version which warns of a “Flash Mob” and comes with a Tazer installed.

    • doyle

      Version 2.0’s Taser was disabled. It was found to be cruel and unusual punishment. However, it does play Justin Bieber’s greatest hits, known to be able to render people mentally incapable.

  • Randall

    So useful because crime never happens to people outside of undesirable ethnic areas. Port to Windows phones so folks can have it outside of their cars too please. I want EVERYONE to stay ultra, uber, mega, super safe. I’ll patent the “areas that think you’re out to get them, so they’ll be staring at you all the time” and be even richer, because after race, class and appearance casts a wider net.

    • Annoying Troll

      A racist like you certainly would like to avoid the meth lab trailer parks inhabited by white trash, wouldn’t you? Well, after you steal one of these GPS devices… you can.

      You’re welcome.

      • patriotgirl1


      • Zack

        That you would name yourself “annoying troll” does not make you any funnier or seem any wittier or more intelligent than you think you are.

      • fjfhg

        zack stop blowing hobos you’re getting stretch marks on your uber lips

      • Renato da Silva

        Can we program it to avoid child rapists like Zach?

    • TheTruthRuth

      Hmmmm, was Madhoff in an undesirable ethnic area when he committed his crimes?

      • Phil Mckracken

        Madoff was in a money-grubbing jewish area, fo sho

      • RM

        At least he wasn’t in the White House

    • Phil Mckracken

      Go guns!

    • Ken

      you guys missed the actually interesting part of his comment altogether — gee let’s patent the classification of any area with any arbitrary property, because that’s just so innovative!

    • Brian

      And traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in young white males. Should GPS tell you to avoid places full of white people?

  • TheRealKingMax


  • jimmythegoose

    I think some of the rental car companies already have this, and have for some time. I was in chicago about 4 years ago, on the far south side, and wanted to get to the near south side. the car’s GPS refused to route me through Englewood, probably the worst neighborhood in chicago, but rather routed me way east, to catch the highway, which would have been many, many miles out of the way. I ignored GPS and took Halsted straight north. as a veteran of chicago, i had no problem, but it was pretty rough.

    • TheRealKingMax

      I could understand why the GPS did that…

      Because when you’re carjacked, it really Hertz!

    • Jesse Jacks on

      What do you mean, “worst neighborhood”? Most black? So racist.

      • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

        Jesse, you be shuttin’ yo face hole now, or Reverend Al gonna pick up his bullhorn and be yellin’ in yo ear so loud it be meltin’ down yo erwax, it will.

      • Zack

        No, it’s not.

        (Unless of course you’re being satirical/sarcastic and actually agree with what he’s saying).

        Sorry, but when I think of Atlanta/Chicago and “worst neighborhood”, I don’t exactly think of mostly white, gated communities. I’m sorry, but that’s life.

    • ojthemurder

      Jimmy the Goose is a term of endearment for 1 of the greatets foos goalies of all times. If your not Tom Hyatts x partner, CHANGE YOUR NAME.

  • Bill

    Who do you think would be buying this app?

    • Edward

      Police departments and pizza delivery companies who are concerned about the safety of their employees.

    • Ratt

      Rich White Kids looking for crack.

    • oklahomabound

      Rich white kids who are looking for crack, but who get ripped off with sugar cubes instead. Anyone who wants to drive through an unfamiliar city and doesn’t want to be robbed, assaulted, car jacked or killed….you know, people who live in the real world rather than the multicultural utopia some people think exist.

      • rawdog1

        Avoid Richmond Virginia near the VA hospital… It’s a cesspool of black

    • rawdog1

      “Paulettes” They want to know where the most drugs are…

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