Hundreds Threaten Suicide At Microsoft Supplier Plant In China

By William McGuinness

SEATTLE, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — Some 300 Chinese Foxconn employees who manufacture X-box 360 machines said they would throw themselves from their Wuhan, China, plant if demands for lost wages were not met.

China Jasmine Revolution, an activist revolutionary organization with a name borrowed from the Tunisian revolt that set off the Middle East unrest, reported that employees made their demands for a wage increase for 100 employees on Jan. 2.

Management at Foxconn — the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer and a crucial link in the supply chains of Apple, Dell, Nintendo and Song — responded with an ultimatum. Employees could quit with one month’s compensation awarded for each year with the plant or go back to working.

Many employees quit, but Foxconn allegedly dishonored the agreement and awarded former employees nothing.

Around 300 workers returned to the plant in an uproar, and staged their protest on the plant’s roof on Jan. 4.

Wuhan’s mayor intervened through hours of negotiations, walking them back from the roof’s edge until 9 p.m. when workers agreed to return to work, according to

In an email to CBS Seattle, a Foxconn spokesperson confirmed the “workplace incident” occurred but said the workers protested because the company planned to move the workers from one business unit to another on the same campus as a result of shifts in the production line.

“The welfare of our employees is our top priority and we are committed to ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and that their rights are fully protected. The operational changes that were the basis for this incident are being carried out in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations,” the spokesperson said.

A Microsoft spokesperson wrote CBS Seattle a statement saying, “Microsoft takes working conditions in the factories that manufacture its products very seriously, and we are currently investigating this issue. We have a stringent Vendor Code of Conduct that spells out our expectations, and we monitor working conditions closely on an ongoing basis and address issues as they emerge. Microsoft is committed to the fair treatment and safety of workers employed by our vendors, and to ensuring conformance with Microsoft policy.” ­

Foxconn came under fire in 2010 when workers successfully committed suicide in a plant that manufactured components for Apple. Then, Foxconn told media that it considered every worker’s life to be valuable while some plants required workers to sign contracts stating that they wouldn’t kill themselves.

Wired magazine was granted access to the factories, which installed nets that would catch anyone attempting to jump.

Touring the Longhua plant in 2011, Terry Gou, the chairman of Foxconn parent Hon Hai Precision, said suicide rates among workers in his plants were smaller compared to the country’s and added a country’s suicide rate typically climbs when its GDP does, Forbes reported.

  • Roger Johnson

    Isn’t out sourcing to China a wonderful idea? Now we get to depend on the communists for our computer parts. Oh yeah, this will work out great.

    • MadCharles

      Big Democrat out sourcing company….

    • tredglx

      Just another union Yahoo, I see.

    • moreco2

      We export our pollution to them (under the approval of the sierra club) and buy their cheap products where envirocontrols are non existent (and union members would be shot on sight). Now we see their employees willing to commit Harry Carry. The envirowackos and our “progressive” loons are responsible for more human deaths than all the world wars. Of course human deaths mean nothing to the “progressives”. Very sad.

      • Truthseeker

        On a point of information, Harry Carry is actually Japanese – neither Chinese nor Communist! :-)

      • JDW

        Hahaha – I like the thrust of this point – but the thought of 300 Chinese “commiting Harry Carry” cracks me up! A great visual – 300 Chinese dudes doing their best Harry Carey impersonations all at the same time. They should have thought of this to go along with all those synchronized Chinese drummers during the opening ceremony at the last Olympic games

      • Ozlanthos

        Now why would we do that? Maybe it’s because chip manufacturers are greedy POSs that don’t give a damn about environmental controls? Remember Acid rain? How about the rusty rivers in the North-Eastern states? Toxic waste being disposed of in public land-fills? Super-fund sites? Environmentalists like myself ARE NOT AGAINST PROGRESS, WE ARE AGAINST PROGRESS AT “ANY” COST!!! Rush Limbaugh would have you believe that we wanted this, or that killing American jobs was a goal of ours. All we have ever said is that if we are going to make these things here that we should do it in such a way that we don’t have to suffer the loss of our health, or the health of our environment in the process! Also if you had any idea what companies like Foxconn do in order to become more competitive than us, YOU”D SHUT YOUR HOLE AND CONGRATULATE THEM ON LOSING THEIR HUMANITY BEFORE US (unless of course YOU want to live in a fab 6 days a week, earn less than a dollar an hour, work 14-18 hour days, and sleep in a cot on site)!!!

        BTW, do you know how long the Chinese had to work in order to make their air tolerable enough to host the Olympics? 2 YEARS!!! Even then runners and other athletes could hardly breathe……but environmental “whackos” are to blame here right?


      • Terry Furlough

        Another dead liberal IS PROGRESS!!!!

      • Terry Furlough

        “Harry Carey’s dead” HO-LY COW!!!

      • eyebeam

        Harry Carey’s dead, leave him out of this!

    • yahoo

      You think China has good quality products? I want some of what you are smoking! EVERY product China makes is cheap and of poor quality. For example, American made tools are FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR better quality. Just ask anyone who uses hand tools daily (like me). If you offered a mechanic (like me) a chinese tool or an American made Snap On, they will choose the American tool EVERY TIME! All electronics is not surface mount. A correct statement would be “a large number of currently manufactured electronics have some surface mount components.” What things do the chinese make that we here in the USA didn’t think of first? Just like the Japanese, they just copy our ideas. Name one example where this is not true…

      • Liep

        Dana,Thanks for your comment. Sometimes this may heppan for various reasons. It all checks out OK on our side. Can you give me a bit more information in case this heppans again? Which web browser were you using? What error message if any did you get? Can you describe exactly what heppaned when you tried to download? Have you been able to successfully download ESN before? Can you download files OK from other sites? Are you using a relatively current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader? The answers to these questions can help me solve you problem.Blessings,Chuck Gianotti, editor of ESN

    • Jacob

      Do you think China doesn’t have roughly a billion miserable poor people?

      I guess they’re going to destroy our cutting edge military with their sowing machines.

      We have problems but so does every other country. We take care of our people better than they do, that’s why we have free lunches! Government bloodsuckers are another issue and maybe that’s what’s bringing us down, not giving lunch to poor people I promise you!

      • Spanky

        sewing machines not sowing machines

    • Lamar Carnes

      Blood electronics is the name! When you buy the products here in the U.S. it is blood electronics. The slave labor wages around the world and in China speak not well for our U.S.A. firms. They need to stop all slave labor around the world and come back to the U.S.A. and create jobs and pay fair wages.

    • robertsgt40

      Yep. Globalism’s finest hour.

      • Loira

        This is a very well written alictre about China. I have been waiting for an alictre like this for a long time because it hit the jackpot: China is trying to change the status quo by playing zero-sum game. This author listed 3 excellent examples about China’s recent behavior towards its neighbors: indifferent attitude on the sinking of South Korea’s naval ship, economic sanction on Japan based on Chinese fishermen being arrested, and lack of willingness to give Taiwan more international recognition even with pro-China Taiwan president Ma Ying-jeou in power. Plus, China has territorial disputes with other neighbors like Vietnam and Philippine in the South China sea. Those that disagreed with this alictre failed to see the main point. China’s proud history, current economic and political systems, and lending U.S. money are completely separated issues from the frame of reference that has taken place in East Asia since WWII. The current frame of reference in East Asia is agreed upon by the democratic countries in the area. For China to challenge the status quo, it has to do the opposite of the expected behavior. This is why for 3 years Obama could never get what he wanted from the Chinese leadership which is corporation on major issues. Nobody is trying to challenge China. No country will ever invade China again. This is because time has changed. It is China that is trying to challenge the norm. My gut feeling is that China is following the foot step of Imperial Japan. Zero-sum game is a dangerous game that can lead to clashes and even wars. Unfortunately, the CCP is very good at playing such game just ask the KMT that fleet Taiwan in 1949. I would not be surprise if confrontation occurs in the near future between China, and the U.S. and its allies.

    • Generous Motors

      I’m not advocating Communism, but lets consider your implication that outsourcing from a Communist country is a bad idea.

      In China, prople protest and either A- kill themselves and are replaced by cheaper workers, lowering the cost of the outsourced parts, or B- go back to work for one bazillionth of the wages of the western world, keeping the cost as low as it originally was.

      In the USA, an auto parts line worker making $30/hr (with unlimited overtime, and triple time on holidays…) protests getting his overtime cut. The union gets involved, work slowages occur, a lawsuit is filed, strikes happen, manufacturers who depend on short time supply chains have to shut down THEIR manufacturing, and in the end the employees keep their $90/hour Martin Luther King holiday, driving prices from the roof on the end product. Eventually, factories shut their doors because they cant maintain this.

      I know, I’ve worked for GM, Delphi, and ITT Automotive, on the line and in an MRP capacity.

      So from an economic standpoint, yeah it would “work out great”. In the real world, if we could fix our capitalist system and get rid of the entitlements we would drive China under and be able to stand on our own.

      • AutoGuy

        You have a little noticed fact stuck in that point of yours “Generous Motors”. Short supply chains. Did you no the biggest factor for outsourcing manufacturing is the need to be able to stock inventory without being taxed on what you paid taxes for once but still have in stock so now must pay tax on again? Since the introduction of this stupid tax rule the US has been required to perform gyrations worthy of an olympian gymnast just to avoid excessive taxation on the raw materials it needs to produce it’s final products. once upon a time GM, Ford Dodge, etc kept warehouses of materials for quick ramp up of production. When a product sold better than expected they quickly made more to meet expanded demand using carefully stocked resources stockpiled for the need. Now with “just-in-time supply” they must order additional materials at higher cost to do the same thing. Sometimes they can’t due to manufacturing timeframes. For example if they have 100 transmissions waiting they can quickly put the automatic transmission in when the order is made instead of holding the order up while a new pallet of transmissions arrives from the source (Canada, Austria, Willowrun Michigan, etc. The delay causes loss of productivity and in many cases drives up the cost significantly. To counter the loss they build in a profit margin raising the price for everyone. Other countries have no such law and manufacturers know the advantage when they see it.

    • tommy

      Let’s see Microsofts, Apple and other’s Vendor Code of Conduct.

    • lauren

      actually i was a teacher in a public school there. and they do have free school lunch. for everyone. and actually u can hardly call them capitalist. ive lived in some 5 countries and china was the most similar systemically to the US

      • Robert

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    • Willis

      Stop the handouts over there in order to line our pockets. Imagine if all large US corporations unified and decided to retain all of their business, manufacturing etc. and keep it in the US. Far fetched to say the least. But imagine the immediate improvement in the job situation here, and the respect it would command from the poor, and both political sides here in the US. The US is a country that fights for the right to work, and makes due in rough times. Our people aren’t joyless automatons who will threaten mass suicide if our demands aren’t met. As much as I’m not a fan of unions, at least our worker organizations have positive self respect and true spirit.

      • Ozlanthos

        If you know anything about SPC, you know that suicide threats are really the only thing the Chinese workers can do to effect change. The only problem is that they never do it on a big enough scale to force the change to happen. You see it’s not the suicides or even media fall-out that these manufactures fear with regard to such threats. What they really fear is the loss of production time, and the resulting increase in per unit cost due to reduced line productivity caused by the loss of workers, and the training of their replacements! People who whine about the loss of jobs here have no idea how low the Chinese will go in order to be more competitive than us. If we had any guts at all, we’d boycott Chinese manufactured goods in solidarity with their workers. When neo-fascists like Rush whine about regulations, what “they” really mean is that American workers should be willing to put up with such sub-human treatment in order to bring the jobs back here! NO THANKS!!!


    • Adam Smith

      Clearly a Chinese citizen who has never been to the US. The Chinese companies, far from having the latest technology, can’t even get the product manuals in some semblance of English. I was looking for a simple leather belt because my Chinese one broke (how can a belt break?!) Every belt was Chinese, but my vigilance paid off and I found one made in Italy. What a difference in quality!

    • Te

      We Have outsourced everything to China. Mostly its the companies fault, they get tax breaks, incentives and then leave the country. China is just producing what “we” want. Cheap, Non Dependable, Products.

    • giggler

      … plants required workers to sign contracts stating they wouldn’t committed suicide…

      If you die there is no contract. What’s the point in making them sign something they can’t enforce or do anything about in the after fact?

    • Jim Sherer

      tea are you a chinese plant.

    • Pete Dooley

      I guess ignorance is bliss but yes I was at a Chinese factory and they fed their 500 employees lunch. What is your experience.

      I also brought up to the factory manager that we (the subhuman American in your diatribe) had computerized machines that did what they had 26 of their workers doing. His response ” we want people to work”. That is why their economy is booming while the greedy corporations have moved to China and Thailand where they can exploit manipulated currencies and workers who used to subsist on $467 par year when I was there ($4600.00 in five short years). There are no unions in China. Microsoft and Apple are taking advantage of this. This exploitation is now resulting in deaths. It has nothing to do whatsoever with your racist ignorant comments.

    • Wan

      Chinese are more intelligent than Americans and that’s why they can assemble parts for those big idiots. The average Americans can never be equal to the average Chinese in terms of performance. The average Americans are stupid and lazy. The true American image has always been twisted by corrupted medias.

      • PrivacyInA9M80

        Uhhhhh… is it me or is this entire comments section teeming with visceral hatred?

      • forrealyo

        IT IS!. Its because Those of us who knew what libs were all about, and those who have finally taken their head outta their butt, are not going to take it in any form anymore. Enough blantant hypocrisy in the name of progress, we lose more and more of our liberties each day while the ignorant cheer. That is why.

      • kcsparky

        Nice…..very nice. Point, set, match!

    • Dave Mowers

      We need to legalize murder so Wall Street can meet expectations next quarter. Who needs poor people anyway except to serve as slaves for the rich?

      • Terry Furlough

        NO.. BUT THEY DO NEED TO HAVE A LIMIT ON LAWYERS.. a finite number for each state.. say 5 or 10.. no need to have 14000 in a single city.. all wanting to chase an ambulance or grease a palm to gain influence.. also limit Judges to 10 years.. and Supreme Court Judges (AKA Kings) to 20 years..

    • peggy

      I guess you think we should all be so miserable.

    • jeff6times7

      An interesting educational experience is to see the past relationship between Dell Computer and ASUS. ASUS supplied a small portion of Dell’s parts and over time told Dell “we can save you money if you just let us build x for you”. Over time, x became a bigger and bigger supplier of Dell’s parts until ASUS was able to go to Best Buy and say “we can save you money if you just let us sell you our computers”.

      ASUS smart. Dell dumb.

      • y_p_w

        The three major OEM suppliers (Quanta, ASUS, and Foxconn) have had the in-house capability to make their own computers for a long time. For years they’ve actually been completely designing some of their computers in-house which can then be relabelled or customized for the company that has its name put on the final product. You think Dell or HP really designs their own monitors?

        The only difference now is that ASUS decided to branch out to sell electronics under their own name. They still do OEM manufacturing. Suzuki wasn’t able to sell cars in the US for some time, so they partnered with GM for the Chevy Sprint (aka the Geo Metro). Mitubushi Motors completely designed and build the Dodge Colt Vista until they got their own dealership network. Daewoo used to make cars for GM, although they no longer sell their own branded cars in the US. This is not unusual.

        Of course ASUS/Quanta/Foxconn also serve as assemblers for specifically designed products. The entire casework and board layout of an Apple notebook is designed in Cupertino. Microsoft is designing all the hardware that goes inside and outside of an Xbox in Mountain View.

      • AutoGuy

        You are correct sir! The old saying of first you get an extra dollar then you need an extra dollar remains true. First you get a bonus by using outsourced labor and overseas manufacturing then you can’t survive without outsourced labor and overseas manufacturing. Not to worry though, you see while US companies are moving offshore friendly foreign companies are moving closer to their customer base to lover shipping costs. Hyundai in Alabama, Toyota in California, Volkwagon in Pennsylvania, etc. Workers don’t really care if the boss is not a US citizen unless that boss is causing harm to the US. The situation has gone so crazy that now Japanese company toyota is contributing to the US export business by building cars in the US for export. That is why they call it a global economy. The biggest problem right now is Chinese unwillingness to let the market raise the value of their currency thus holding them in a better position to export. All things change China will too.

    • Bill E Bob

      PRC! PRC!

      • HiLal

        The Zambia story from the Atlantic discusses how the ppoele of Zambia feel the Chinese are taking advantage of their natural resources and labor through low wages and poor working conditions, while the Chinese are baffled by this animosity despite building new hospitals, stadiums, infrastructure, etc. The large disparity in the 2 viewpoints would be quite laughable if it weren’t so sad, but I can certainly understand the sentiments from both sides. From the Zambians’ viewpoint, it can’t feel good to see an outside group profiting from their country; what could have been a good opportunity for job creation was squandered by the Chinese bringing in their own ppoele for the management positions and poor treatment of the local hires. (The factory working conditions in China are already quite bad so I can only imagine how much worse it’d be in Africa.)The Chinese on the other hand have always been clouded by the paternalism that they’ve enforced upon themselves for thousands of years (from ruler to subject/ father to family), and that almost always proves to be volatile when imposed on outside ethnicities (i.e. Xinjiang, Tibet). The thing is, Chinese culture has an extremist version of the collectivist mentality that enables them to overlook individual suffering; as long as things look good from the outside, it doesn’t matter the suffering on the inside. (It always reminds me of an ant colony; as long as the queen ant is safe, killing a bunch of stray worker ants doesn’t make any difference to the colony since the queen can just make more ants.)

    • Should Be President

      Our jigaboos and illegals (and don’t forget the “wiggers”) are draining this nation. They are dumb, arrogantly so, and care more about how they look than what they achieve.
      Half of the USA is like this and the rest of us have become slaves to the elite government class, sacrificing our lifeblood to support the parasites.

      The chinese have their problems, but useless, stupid, violent, criminal spooks destroying their urban centers isn’t one of them.
      Nor is China inundated with illegal immigrants sucking up government benefits (provided by taxpayers, lest you forgot) far out of proportion with those sucked up by our own citizen parasites.
      Citizen parasites then? Well, China has them, but they don’t feed them, and thus they do not multiply like ours do.

      As to school lunches? The Chinese believe feeding your kids is a parent’s responsibility. In this country, parents of the kids who get free lunch because they supposedly can’t afford it, surprisingly can afford liquor, drugs and cigarettes. In China, parents quit smoking to pay for kids schooling.

      We have a similar class of achievers in this country, but they aren’t politically active because they don’t have time to waste. Their work makes this economy functuion as much as it does.They create jobs. They earn what they have. But people like Barry Soetoro demonize them as rich and undeserving. As greedy. As not paying their share…

      Yes, this nation was perverted into building a utopia for the mud races and the talking monkeys. This was done by dumbing them down with the worst education (indoctrination, really) system in the developed world, run by union thugs.

      • Lauren

        I’m wondering where you got your information about the Chinese.

    • J

      Corporate America should be held to account by the American People for shipping OUR jobs overseas! It is DISGUSTING and we should tax the H–LL out of em for doing it! These are OUR jobs done by some other country and they treat those people like dog sh-t! But YEA they care, huh…..fking putrid CEO’s…..

    • jammer

      Sounds like time to “thin the herd” so to speak.

  • Captian Obvious

    Let them leap. The world won’t be any worse off. I’m sure Bill can find another 300 Chicoms to work for next to nothing.

    Remember, next to nothing is better, relatively, than nothing at all. This is also what the powers that be want to turn America into.

    A choice of next to nothing, or nothing at all. What a wonderful world.

    • alan

      Now you know why you get these products cheaply . …on the sweat and tears of the poor Chinese people exploited by unscrupulous Chinese and other businessmen.

      You are really sick to say such things.

      It is also nice to learn US is now addicted to Chinese products which really is cheap.

      Hope you still have your jobs…

    • teaisstronger


      That statement is typical of a Democrat. We should force Gates to solve the issue. Its his product. He is a 1 percent(er), why haven’t the Occupy gone after Gates? These are people who were once America’s friend and WWII Allie.

      • Terry Furlough


      • AutoGuy

        @Terry Furlough Gates hasn’t been in power at microsoft for many years now. He owns stock in the company he built up but what else was he supposed to do sell every share? To who no one has that much money.

        Why is anyone interested in how much the other guy makes? Because we gauge our success by our standing against others. the top one percent of all wage earners don’t care why you don’t like their prosperity. They earned it with hard work and careful planning or sometimes with a quick blast of a bright idea but they did it not everyone just them why should they have nothing to show for it?

        Occupy this and that say the top one percent of earners are unfair because they get the benefit of barginning for better pay but don’t we all bargin for the best pay we can get? Why is it that when they are successful they are considered criminal by the occupy crowd? So what if they do earn more than you they produce more than you do too.

        For example a “consultant” who comes to a company and builds a plan to save that company millions in production costs by increasing the effiency of their production gets paid over 100,000 dollars. It looks like a lot but then realize they have just saved the millions for the company so their actual cost to the company was less than nothing. Lots of jobs are like this. A great CEO can bring a failing company back from the dead and even if they cost more than the next best candidate if they can do something the other guy can’t the company profits from hiring the more expensive guy and staying in business instead of saving the cost of the more expensive CEO and going under leaving no one with an income.

        Saying it isn’t fair for so few to make so much while so many make so little is pointlesson the face of it. Why should the world be fair? The world was never fair before! Not since the beginning of time has the world been fair. Some people are born with fast thinking brains or strong backs while others are feeble minded or weak. These are facts and no amount of shouting about fairness will suddenly make the slow witted guy into a fast thinker. I am all for education and health for the most possible good to come from the pool of humanity we have but not everyone can be the leader so we have to choose as well as we can and go from there. Democrat, Republican, Independant, whatever we need to look at the person not the party.

      • AutoGuy

        @Terry Furlough Appologies for misdirecting my reply it should have been directed toward teaisstronger. Your venting about union leaders was not important to me.

    • veryobviousindeed

      this is what REBULICANS want america to be like. they see nothing wrong with asian parts with no VAT tax being made for 2 cents per hour competeing with american products and workers. VAT TAX NOW on foreing products and services if you actualy want to make america work again, its the only way. too bad all the rebulicans are just sock pupets controlled by the very people who make billions from being able to have things made in china for nothing and selling them to americans with almost no economic restrictions whatsoever.

      • Roberta13

        what is your deal if you were intelligent you would see that there is no difference between republicans and democrats and oh by the way I believe it was CLINTON who brokered the trade deal that has ruined our country. Learn how our government runs and also learn to spell and stop being puppet for the media who thinks all republicans are white, rich men



      • DirtyDave777

        Typical liberal Drama Queen.
        Blame everyone but your Masters who ran this Country into the Ground with the welfare nanny state.

      • Danny

        Oh jeez. Here we go again with blaming the republicans. Can’t you come up with anything else than tired, old rhetoric?

      • mikeB

        “veryobvious” – You know, don’t you that job outsourcing and the regulations encouraging it were from Clinton, don’t you? Likewise, the whole free trade scam. To Clinton we can also trace the repeal of Glass-Steagall (Larry Summers lobbied for that as Clinton’s Treasury Secretary). Of course, with that, Obama appointed him as his chief economic advisor. In fact, Obama just approved more than 67,000 “emergency” H1-B visas for Indian workers… with more than 5 million US i-tech workers without jobs. You are right to be upset about free trade, job, outsourcing, and guest workers. It destroyed our economy. But all of that was the idea of Democrat’s, not Republican’s.

      • yahoo

        Dood, get over the right left paradigm and open your eyes! There is only one party in this country and it is called the bankers party. demicans and republicrats are just two sides of the same coin.

      • Bob T

        You are a child –and I don’t care how old you are chronologically. If you still think there’s any difference between Republicans and Democrats at the top (where it matters because that’s the place from which they spew their vomit upon all of us) you are pathetic.

      • PfcHunter

        Troll: If all you have is a VAT tax answer, maybe you should look at replacing Obama as president. Remember, GE moved it’s X-ray division to China under Timothy Geitthner who is also Labor Czar under Obama.

      • fredds

        fu you

      • Danny Vice

        You idiot. Why don’t you take a look at who has been controlling congress over most of the last decade? Who’s been in the WH for the past 3 years? We have more than enough opportunity, for example, to produce enough oil to be self sufficient, however Democrats refuse to let that happen- sending both millions of jobs and billions of American dollars overseas. Where is your outrage about that?

        Just as I thought. You are nothing more than a blowhard socialist hack who can’t be intellectually honest.

      • StJames888

        it’s not controlled by democrats, or even repubes.. it’s people bought and paid for by private banks, starting with the federal reserve; our government stopped being by the people and for the people back in 1913; when the federal reserve act was foisted on the people, if you work for the banks you get elected. If you don’t you are an also ran.. it’s a bigger problem the us vs. them- get mad at all of congress and vote the all out in november regardless of party if you want your kids to have a future…

      • TruthInSpending

        Puhlease, enough of the melodrama. Outsourcing began decades ago. It did not start with the “fair trade ageements”. It’s been more than three decades since televisions, radios, recorders of any type any many other electronic devices were manufactured in significant numbers. Like wise for shoes, textiles and furniture.

        Outsourcing began within our borders starting in the early 1900s when the textile mills began moving from the Northeast cities of Fall River, New Bedford, Lowel, Lawrence, Haverill, etc., for cheaper labor and no unions in the South.

        It’s easier for companies to pack up their operations and move overseas than it was for those textile mills to move a few hundred miles, or a thousand miles south of New England.

        It is a global economy, like it or not. In order to compete, companies have had to move to places away from the hostile business environment of the U.S.

        That’s the reality, whether one likes it or not.

      • Adam Smith

        Damn, you caught us! Yes, that’s exactly what I want my America to be like: outsourced to China and a puppet of the communists. What a utopia!

        Typical liberal thinking. They live in a twisted world of stereotypes. “Republicans want dirty water and children begging.” Who in the world wants that?! They never truly think.

        At least if they could get capitalization and punctuation right, I’d see some progress.

      • Terry Furlough

        Damn you Awec Bawin.. and you REBULICANS.. I THINK THE AUTHOR IS POSSESSED BY kIM jONG-iL

      • VAT...Really?

        I don’t think you know what a VAT tax is. Perhaps you are suggesting an import tax or a tariff. You seem to have a problem with a US company outsourcing part or all of its production and at least having HQ, sales offices etc here in the US. Perhaps you prefer what happens when those companies ignore the realities of a global market and insist on making things here and having higher production costs. If you don’t know what happens then, google Solyndra.

      • jammer

        moronic comments from the left

        if you want jobs here lower corporate taxes and regulations THAT is the only way

        once you start a tax you can’t get rid of it

    • robertsgt40

      Wait til it comes here. Just a matter of time

    • Marcos

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  • pompey

    …….that shoud create some job openings……just saying!

    • dam

      Would that be considered downward mobility?

      • icetropics


  • Ralph

    As an ex-Softie, my guess is that hundreds of Microsoft employees in Redmond are probably on the verge of suicide because the company is run by Steve Ballmer.


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  • TC

    That is one way to RAGE QUIT….

  • ziegler

    Microsoft is committed to the fair treatment and safety of workers employed by our vendors, and to ensuring conformance with Microsoft policy.”…..What, they dont make a Blue Splash Screen when they crash?….such a joke, just like Dell, Apple, and all the other American Companies that use chinese slave labor, they care not about the workers, it’s the whole reason they fled the US, so as not to have to comply with things like OSHA, EEOC, Minimum Wage, breaks and lunches, OT pay, Holiday pay, benefits et al. They’d much rather have slaves instead.

    • Roy

      You are 100% Correct-

    • Chad

      If they could get away with paying them nothing they would – 100 percent profiit

      • Bill C.

        Welcome to the world of economics…. grow up.

    • KatieS

      I suppose it would be better to be a slave to the union… the mob-run union. The loss of jobs in the US is the direct result of union corruption and greed. Look at Detroit…the proud product of the American education system and corrupt unions.

      • x

        government unions that is. a very important distinction

      • Danny Vice

        Katie you are right on the money. Unions force American manufacturers into an immediate disadvantage. Their products have a 10% or more built in cost from the get go thanks to Unions and their wealthy union bosses. What began as a good thing for workers rights has been exploited, twisted and transformed into a racket. This is why top manufacturers have gone to China or Taiwan to produce their wares. Look at cap and trade? That would have forced even MORE US manufacturers to look overseas – since politics continues to make America the least cost effective place to produce them.

    • Terry Furlough

      Don’t worry .. if more than three people jump at once the scene will freeze and they’ll have to reboot the workforce..

  • Doug

    Oh please Microsoft, as if you have no say so. Stop this NOW.

  • bruno

    Globalism. Isn’t it just swell?

  • Steve3

    Ah, Microsoft, a good democrat-communist run company. It doesn’t get any lower then this folks!

  • Joe Doakes

    Right now someone in the Communist Party in China is hoping Microsoft lowers the wage.

  • John C

    Someday all manufacturing will be done by chimp supervised robots. Can you imagine how profits will zoom then!

    • Terry Furlough

      I, for one, welcome our Simian and Robotic overlords..

  • DaveAgain

    It’s been a frustrating 21 years of predicting, warning, then having to watch this whole stupidity unfold. Ultimately, I blame American consumers for always wanting to pay $50 for something that should have gone for $100.

    Didn’t it ever strike people that evetually this meant your own pay would be cut by 50% as well? And that the only way around that was to offshore?
    What a bargain. I refuse to deal with cheapskates who don’t know the value of an hour of work. They expect to be paid twice as much as everyone around them for the same work though.

    • x

      we don’t have a choice. jobs are outsourced. slipping into the horror of poverty you cannot afford much and are forced into frugality

    • bruce tminello

      Dave gets it!

      • lorx2ik

        No, Dave only gets half of it. If we didn’t have a private institution called the Federal Reserve regulating our currency via executive fiat that artificially inflates the currency while skimming profits off the top, perhaps our Dollar would have held its value since 1913 and we would be paying $5 for an American made Xbox.

      • DaPower

        No…Dave’s an idiot who wants to pay twice as much for his X-box!

      • 1913worker

        Man that sounds great wher do you get a functioning XBox for $5? Of course if you had to pay for it in 1913 silver certificates the cost would be higher than in current year dollars wouldn’t it?
        Oh well back to the salt mines. Gotta earn a dollar right?

    • wow

      So Dave is the final arbiter on how much products should cost?

      Dave sounds like a communist.

  • brucetominello

    Dave gets it! Too bad most people do not.

  • teaisstronger


    These Foxcon units can easily be replaced and the new workers can use the same bicycles. Americans are also committing suicide so what does it matter.

  • teaisstronger


    The Chinese Engineer is designing things the West cannot imagine. American engineers have been out of work longer than the 5 year half life of an engineer. Mos Americans have been out of work so long that it they were called back, they would not be able to work because they have forgotten so much.

    Its over American, its over, you committed economic-cultural suicide.

    Good bye.

    • Fred

      Not true. I could design an XBOX… and write the software. Many engineers in the USA could. China has ain’t got sheet!

    • Steve-Oh

      Dead wrong! Very little if any of the Xbox design was done in China. I know the core designers of the Xbox and didn’t even work for Microsoft. They are independent contractors that live very well in the USA. The losers are the rank and file salary engineers who get what they deserve. There is plenty of design work being done stateside and the manufacturing can come back in an instant with new manufacturing techniques that are just theories now. Bet against China, they will implode this decade.

      • greg hauenstein

        Why would any manufacturer want to come here with a business tax of 35%+ and 40,ooo regulations a year coming out of the democratic anti business bureaucrats??

  • Joe Dutra

    Too bad they couldn’t all drive Chevy Volts over the edge.

    • Joe Doakes

      Haven’t you heard . . . soon they will be building them . . .

  • Snailmailtrucker

    They will be suing the United States for all of this with Obama in the White House.

    • Danny Vice

      I am no Obama fan… but this comment is just plain stoopid.

  • Joe

    So what are the consequences if they break the “no-suicide” contract?

    • icetropics

      they throw the rest of the workers in prison, or force them to work for free….I’m sure they would come up with something to punish them for the actions of one (who they could not punish)

    • jayburd

      They cut off their heads and give them “severance pay”.

  • Jimbo

    i give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt on this .. I know they are committed to their ‘vision’ whatever that may encompass. I worked in silicon valley for many years in computer technology sales and Microsoft was diligent to keep their vendors in line with their vision.

    So, as far as outsourcing to China is concerned, this is something that had its roots and beginnings way back when, and you cannot judge the decision on the fact that today America is hurting because the government has driven manufacturing offshore to achieve maximum profitability for their investors.

    Now, having come full circle, I agree that American companies should consider the wisdom of sacrificing some profits to rebuilding American soundness and providing American families with a path to prosperity and success. Bring manufacturing back onshore and give up some profit so America can be strong.

    One of the biggest problems with doing away with Mom and Pop or Local businesses is that care and concern and personal relationships are lost. So conglomerates can deal clinically with destruction of peoples lives, insulated by distance and non personal relationships.

    • Spartacus

      The Feds used to get by on Import Tariffs and no Inc. Tax.
      This changed in 1913. Now the Corporation if favored over the citizen by the tax code and lack of Tariffs.
      13 is definitely an unlucky number. Americans were enslaved that year. Another ’13’ is 1 year away.

    • Danny Vice

      That’s a noble goal – but it’s unrealistic since world economies are so tied together at the hip, they are forced to compete with one another.

      Especially when you’re competing with countries who have almost NO human or workers rights laws in place…. minimum wage laws, union bosses, OSHA standards and other cost raising components to deal with.

      Now some political leaders want to implement things like Cap And Trade and other similar programs to raise our costs even more…

      So there are some things we cannot help – but there are many other things we can… and I’m afraid we are failing at changing those things we CAN improve

      • x

        american software engineers have been committing suicide. nobody cares.

        gates is so rich, but the greed is never enough, jobs robbed from americans, gates went before congress to push h1b and outsourcing. of course the gates foundation gives because it is a tax break.

        microsoft and other such global corps should loose it’s american citizenship and be incorporated in china since they refuses to hire americans. that means no bail outs on american taxes, no american tax breaks, etc. these are foreign corporations. america is owned by foreign interests the people enslaved in the chains of poverty and debt.

      • davec

        they WERE tied at the hip. Those days have ended. Or are about to


  • Sean patriot

    Um…. Go ahead, because there is 600 Million or so waiting to replace you.

  • Splat

    Let’em commit suicide.

    Then, once they’re dead, they can move to America and vote Democrat.

  • Wendy Weinbaum

    As a Jewess in the US, I can only say that atrocities like this are but one more reason why all REAL Americans now put our 2nd Amendment FIRST!! Remember that America wasn’t won with a registered gun!

    • Spartacus

      Amen, Sister!

  • walter12

    The company should call their bluff and see what happens. Remember, this is their way in China. It is an ancient Chinese trick and goes back to the Third Dynasty.

    • x

      go jump in a lake.

  • Hundreds Threaten Suicide At Microsoft ‘XBox 360′ Supplier Plant In China « Retch's Disturbing News!

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