Monday, January 30, 2012
dot clear Fierce Independence Is Served On The Norman Goldman Show
Today, justice is served on ME!!???!! It’s also served on Mint Raw Money; Newt Gingrinch, aka the “Newtmare”; offshoring jobs; Tea Baggers; Occupy Wall Street; the Roman Catholic Church and some perspective on politics!

Today is the launch of my first book! I beat the Florida primary by a day! And, while Mint Raw Money is up in Florida, is he up nationally, among the ‘Cons? Some surprising numbers THERE, today!

Apple has a huge manufacturing facility in…..NOT America. What can we do about this?

Tea Baggers have one thing right – they know bare knuckle politics and we can learn a lesson from them! Details today!

The Roman Catholic Church did something this weekend and is it as objectionable to you as it is to me?

Occupy Wall Street is still occupying, or not, depending upon where you are. BUT, I have a question for you (and an idea) about the future of OWS!

On Beyond The Norm, how would you like to be a published author? It CAN happen!

Fierce independence is the show theme and one title of our new book! We prove it daily here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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