Cops: Drunken Sailor Climbs Into 80-Year-Old Woman’s Bed After Urinating On Floor

BREMERTON, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — As the old shanty goes, “What shall we do with a drunken sailor / Early in the morning?” Naval officers may have to figure that one out on their own now.

A drunken sailor won’t be facing criminal charges after he walked into an 80-year-old woman’s apartment, urinated on her floor and got into bed with her.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to CBS Seattle that 21-year-old Dalton Pierson was drinking at a friend’s place and mistakenly walked into the woman’s Bremerton apartment early Sunday morning.

As first reported by The Seattle Times, Kitsap County authorities say that 56-year-old son John Jaeger found Pierson urinating on the floor. Pierson then went into Evelyn Whitney’s room and climbed into bed with her.

That’s when a frightened Whitney asked Pierson what he was doing in her room. He answered, “Passing out.”

Pierson was still asleep when police arrived. According to the police report, authorities “muscled” the “visibly intoxicated” Pierson into handcuffs, who still didn’t realize he was in the wrong apartment.

The Times reports that Pierson apologized to both Jaeger and Whitney for the incident and said he would pay the cleaning bill.

The Navy intends to discipline Pierson for his actions.


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