Gun Distributor, Komen Foundation Team Up To Sell Pink Handgun

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle/AP) — The Susan G. Komen Foundation is teaming up with Seattle gun distributor Discount Gun Sales, LLC, to sell a pink handgun to help raise money for the breast cancer organization.

The gun, a Walther P-22, is already available for purchase at $429.99.

“Discount Gun Sales is proud to team up with the Susan B. Koman [sic] Foundation to offer the Walther P-22 Hope Edition in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” the page reads. “A portion of each P-22 Hope Edition will be donated to the Seattle Branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.”

The promotion is reportedly a limited time offer, according to the website.

The foundation has been the subject of a great deal of media scrutiny over the past few days after electing to pull funding from Planned Parenthood.

The subsequent resignation of top-seated officials within the foundation added fuel to the fire.

However, on Feb. 3, they announced the decision to reverse the call and reinstate funding for breast exams at Planned Parenthood centers throughout the nation.

“We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women’s lives,” a Komen statement said.

As first reported by The Associated Press on Tuesday, Komen had adopted criteria excluding Planned Parenthood from grants because it was under government investigation, notably a probe launched in Congress at the urging of anti-abortion groups.

Komen said Friday it would change the criteria so it wouldn’t apply to such investigations.

“We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants,” the statement said.

Attempts to reach representatives from Discount Gun Sales and the local Susan G. Komen Foundation chapter were not immediately answered.

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  • bjsvec
  • deenie

    I am all for the 2nd Amendment.

  • Daniel Henderson

    How much of that $50 markup goes to Komen?

    • Daniel Henderson

      And by the way – I paid under $300 for my wife’s P-22 so this is really a $130 markup.

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  • Glock Lady

    The disdain for Komen Foundation gets blurred into the 2nd amendment controversy. Here’s my take on it:

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  • Margaret

    OK. Komen is trying to help survive breast cancer so that they can kill other people? What’s up with that? Another bad decision.

    • Wabbit

      ” … so that they can kill other people?” Really? So, you think that breast cancer survivors just sit around in the survivor groups on FB and discuss how much they wish they could kill someone? Do you even comprehend how ignorant your statement is, & that women who carry guns are growing tremendously because of the violence in our society? A society that is increasingly violent BECAUSE OF the leftist legislature that has destroyed what made America free & safe to begin with, by the way.
      Women carry guns for PROTECTION, not “so that they can kill other people”. Grow up and stop trying to peddle this ridiculous “guns kill people” BS, because nobody’s buying it.

    • Larry Arnold

      Actually, I’m struck by the parallel. Shooting someone in self-defense is like chemo. Nasty, but better than the alternative.

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  • Joanne Reiter

    This is unbelievable. Back track on Planned Parenthood but wink wink, nod nod, do a right-wing pro NRA move. These people are showing poor leadership. How prolife are guns? They need to get rid of their wing nut Vice President before they get my money. This group should be very apolitical.

  • Robert

    it’s a 22 cal. not meant for killing people! just fun shooting at targets.

  • Mark A

    Really Robert? Load it with hollow point mags and go pump a few rounds into somebody. Idiot.

    • jack

      AWalter p-22 will not shoot 22mags you moron.

  • kurtz
  • Priscilla Marie

    Way to support saving women’s lives Komen.

  • LogicalFallacy

    Actually, there are plenty of alternative, non-toxic treatments out there, with higher success rates. They don not get a lot of press though due to being natural and thus unavailable for patent. How foolish it seems, to force a drug company to have to choose between what is profitable and what is ethical.

  • flamingcupcake

    Has it occured to the makers of this how much this gun will look like a toy to a child? There are enough gun owners already who don’t teach thier children proper gun safety and to respect the power of it being a dangerous weapon. I hope this pink gun doesn’t end up in those households. Pretty sad.

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  • Daniel Norton

    They might have simply moved the page, in response to overwhelming demand. Here it is now:

  • cageordie

    Second amendment is not a Republican thing. Like most of the Democratic liberals I know I am a shooter and gun owner. What this is really about is Komen trying to maximize income, I wonder if their CEO is on a bonus scheme? If so then she likely doesn’t care how well they do fighting cancer so long as she gets paid more. Her $400k salary is around 4,000 mammograms, a CEO of a big charity usually gets about half what she takes. This is a corporation and if you judge its actions that way then accepting money from anyone is understandable. PS. Why not a 9mm? Those 22s aren’t very good but a pink Walther P99 would be a laugh.

  • KB

    New slogan: Kill someone, before cancer kills you.

  • jpbrody

    I’m all for private ownership of guns. I’m fine with Komen withdrawing support from PP (although I told my wife they would be reversing that decision).

    What really troubles me is that someone is giving them some terrible PR and policy advice. They need to change agencies or in-house personnel or both.

    I just don’t really see a pistol as part of the Komen cachet.

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    Gun Distributor, Komen Foundation Team Up To Sell Pink Handgun « CBS Seattle…

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    Gun Distributor, Komen Foundation Team Up To Sell Pink Handgun « CBS Seattle…

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