Charlie Pierce, Adam Smith, Eric Burns, & Judy Tenuta Join Stephanie This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show!

 Charlie Pierce of’s Politics Blog calls in at 6am to talk about today’s primaries and caucuses inColorado,Missouri, andMinnesota

 Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, calls in at 6:45am to talk aboutSyria,Afghanistan, andIran

 Eric Burns of Bullfight Strategies joins us in the Los Angeles Bureau at 7am to talk about the news of the day

 Comedian Judy Tenuta joins us in the Los Angeles Bureau at 8am to talk about her upcoming appearances and to talk about the news of the day

 Three states hold GOP presidential contests today. It’s the first day so far this cycle with multiple contests and with a total of 70 delegates up for grabs in caucuses inColorado andMinnesota, it’s the largest haul yet in the race for the White House.

 Mitt Romney’s campaign has begun to train its sights on Rick Santorum over the past 48 hours, reflecting the Romney campaign’s concern that the formerPennsylvania senator may pose the freshest threat to their frontrunner status.

 The United States shuttered its embassy in Syria and pulled out its remaining staff Monday after the government refused to address its security concerns, the State Department said.


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