Google Testing Experimental Devices In Hundreds Of Employees’ Homes

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Google is testing 252 “mystery” devices in its employees’ homes, but what the device is, nobody outside of Google knows.

Google recently applied for an experimental license with the Federal Communications Commission for an unnamed entertainment device.

The device is still early in development as testing is set to see if the device works properly and to “reveal real world engineering issues and reliability of networks.”

One possibility that was suggested was the device is related to the Android@home framework, where Google promises to allow users to control appliances such as lights and alarm clocks through an Android device.

Another possibility is that it could be another version of Google TV.

Google TV was released in 2010 and received mediocre reviews. The product was considered a failure.

However, with the rumor of the Apple TV coming, and the media capabilities of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 being expanded recently, Google might want to throw its hat in the ring for another round.


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