Wednesday, February 08, 2012
dot clear Norm Is Live From San Francisco
Today, justice is served FROM 960 KNEW in San Francisco! Our big story is just how weak Mint Raw Money is on the Republicon side. Rick Sanatorium swept the three election contests last night, including cleaning out ol’ Mittens in a state – Minnesota – where the Money Man was supposed to do well and DID well four years ago!We also serve justice on health insurance companies, as we go campaigning for a ballot initiative in California that will bring the insurers back from the excesses of premium increases they have been gorging on for years!Congress is notorious for grandstanding about perceived ethical lapses in others – today, we put the spotlight on Congress and it’s a story of our tax dollars NOT at work, but rather being steered to line the pockets of key friends and family of Congress!

On Beyond The Norm, a story of courage, smarts and revenge that is like no BTN we have done before. This story, of a well known national tragedy that did not need to occur, should have gotten a lot more publicity back when it occurred, but at least today, we can learn and reflect – as well as get angry!

Fierce independence means not being beholden to any interest group. We prove this daily here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Is Live From San Francisco

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