Democracy Now Covers Anti-Austerity Protests, Syria, The President’s Budget And More

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Today’s Headlines

  • Greek Protests Spread as Parliament OKs Austerity Measures
  • Belgium Firefighters Spray Water on Police at Anti-Austerity Protest
  • Expanded Role for U.S. Special Operations Forces Sought
  • Arab League Calls for Peacekeepers in Syria
  • Obama’s Budget Includes New Taxes on Millionaires, Cuts to Medicare
  • Catholic Leaders Oppose Obama’s Compromise on Birth Control
  • Death Toll of U.S. Contractors in Afghanistan Rises
  • Pakistani Minister: U.S. Drones are Counterproductive
  • Five More Arrested at Murdoch Newspaper in Bribery Case
  • Republican Congressman Faces Ethics Probe over Insider Trading Allegations
  • New President of Maldives Rejects Call for Elections
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