Monday, February 27, 2012

Today, justice is served LIVE from Chicago’s Progressive Talk, AM & FM! The Windy City is having a non-winter winter, so of course, this whole climate change thing is a hoax!

Rick Sanatorium as the possible Republicon nominee is no hoax – he is giving Mint Raw Money a run for his raw money in Michigan and tomorrow is the key day!

A new poll shows the President is being hurt in key swing states by the health insurance reform law. Valuable lessons to be learned here!

The Afghanistan uproar continues and the question remains: When do we leave?

ANOTHER school shooting happened today. Does anyone care to do anything to prevent more of this?

We will interview people live in studio who are stepping into the paralyzed vacuum of American politics to move the national agenda forward! You’ll LOVE these guys!

The effort to make marijuana laws sane took a big step forward in Colorado and I’ll have details!

On Beyond The Norm, a Senior Legal Analyst case – the Supreme Court is chopping away at our constitutional rights again.

Today Chicago is the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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