Mississippi & Alabama Primaries Kick Off The Topics Today On The Ed Schultz Show!

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for the Nation, joins the 1st hour of today’s show to talk the Primaries in Mississippi and Alabama.

Richard Viguerie, Chairman of ConservativeHQ.com, joins the 2nd hour of today’s show to discuss the Primaries in Mississippi and Alabama.

Talk Radio Consultant Holland Cooke, joins the 3rd hour of today’s show to discuss Rush Limbaugh’s forced suspension of national ads for two weeks.

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-TX, joins the 3rd hour of today’s show to discuss the Obama administration blocking the Voter ID law in Texas.

Republicans Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich face off in a pair of high-stakes presidential primaries in Mississippi and Alabama on Tuesday, with polls showing a virtual three-way dead heat in both states. We’ll talk about it.

Congress remains deeply unpopular with the American public, but Democrats continue to fare better than Republicans, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. We’ll give you the details.

Radio-Info.com reports that Premiere Networks, which syndicates the Rush Limbaugh show, told its affiliate radio stations that they are suspending national advertising for two weeks. We’ll bring you the latest.

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