Today, justice is served on the Republicon presidential field; the Mississippi and Alabama primaries (plus others that happened yesterday) and political reality. We also serve justice on Pakistan; businesses ripping off the troops and Rush Limbaugh.

Mint Raw Money got shellacked yesterday in the Deep South. Two-thirds of the voters rejected him. We are seeing the same pattern repeat itself yet again on the Republicon side. BUT, despite all that happened last night, Raw Money STILL came out ahead in delegates. The stories today!

I cannot tell you how many e-mails and calls I have received expressing disgust with the President and wanting to just throw in the towel. This discussion REALLY needs perspective today!

We cannot discuss Afghanistan without putting Pakistan into the mix. That often overlooked part of the discussion (and the implications from it) are put into focus today!

Our troops traveling in Europe have been (and are still being) charged whopping sums of money for short telephone calls. What is this all about? The New York Times, NBC’s “Today” Show, Starts & Stripes newspaper and a U.S. Senator are on this story and we have the guy who unearthed it and is doing the hard work to stop it!

I asked yesterday if you were interested in hearing the “inside baseball story” The e-mails were mixed, but enough folks said “yes” that I will do a brief segment on this today!

On Beyond The Norm, more help for financially strapped homeowners!

Fierce independence means speaking the plain truth even to our own friends. Frankness is what we do here everyday, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


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