Today, justice is served on the law – in many ways! We also serve justice on independent voters; the Republicon Party; Afghanistan and public school funding.

There are multiple law issues to deal with today: A verdict in the Rutgers webcam case; a Senate deal on judges; a federal appeals court overturning a lower court judge rejection of a settlement with banks – oh, so much!

Did you know 40% of the electorate is not registered to any political party? They CLAIM to be independents, but there is MUCH MORE to the issue than that! Plus, white men versus the world seems to be the way America is now! Discussion today!

The soldier who killed 16 people in Afghanistan is starting to mount a defense. What is it?

School funding became a big issue on the show yesterday. Let’s keep going on that issue today!

On Beyond The Norm, the terms of the deal between 5 big banks, 49 states and the federal government over home foreclosures are becoming better known. There is good news and bad news and I’ll have it.

Fierce independence means being guided by facts and reality. We prove this everyday here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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