Today, justice is served on tolerance! I have a contemplative opening for you today – I hope it works! We also serve justice on inflation; Republicons; the Internet and the unlimited flood of money into politics!

I have observed something VERY interesting that I feel would benefit us both by sharing – and I WILL share – today! It’s tied to my 53rd birthday and my e-mails!

There are inflation measures out that show inflation is not a problem – do you believe these numbers?

Paul Ryan’s privatize Medicare plan is back – is this REALLY what the Republicons want to run on? And, tomorrow’s Illinois primary is interesting for several reasons – and I’ll have them for you today!

The unregulated flood of money into our politics via the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United case has been compounded by a SECOND BIG PROBLEM – and I’ll have THAT problem for you today!

The Internet keeps giving us consequences we may not have anticipated – one recent one is a case in point!

On Beyond The Norm, there are lessons to learn from the tragedy of the Rutgers University web cam spying case, where one student spied on his gay roommate, with a suicide and a criminal conviction as results.

Fierce independence means being willing to say what others are thinking but cannot or will not say! We prove this all the time, here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Preaches Tolerance On Todays Norman Goldman Show

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