Nokia Patents Tattoo Of The Future

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Imagine a tattoo that receives phone calls.

Although it’s currently science fiction, Nokia is betting it could make it happen. In fact, the company is so confident, they’ve patented the idea.

Nokia’s patent application describes a “ferromagnetic” tattoo that will transfer “a perceivable stimulus to the skin, wherein the perceivable stimulus relates to the magnetic field.”

In simpler terms, the tattoo would actually vibrate when its owner’s phone rings.

Nokia has considered that some may squirm over the thought of getting a tattoo, so the patent also includes a removable material that attaches to the skin and performs the same function.

Possible uses for the techy tat cater to those instances when hearing a phone ring is either impossible or unwelcome – such as amid a noisy crowd in a stadium, or during a movie in a quiet theater.

Nokia connected the technology to no specific device and didn’t say when it might be released.

What do you think? Would you get this futuristic tattoo? Tell us in the comment section below!


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