A Healthy Vegetarian Food Festival – Vegfest 2012
Seattle Center’s Exhibition Hall
Mercer St and 3rd Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 706-2635

Put on by Vegetarians of Washington

Price: Adults – $8, Kids 12 and under – Free. Tickets available at the door
Hours: March 24 and 25 – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Vegetarianism is anything but a fad these days. Today, people from all walks of life, educations, backgrounds, social stature and location practice vegetarianism. The lifestyle is so widespread, festivals such as Vegfest celebrate everything about this way of life. But Vegfest in Seattle is more than a festival. It is a place to rejoice and promote a healthy lifestyle and to learn about sustainable food choices. It is affordable, fun and educational. Welcoming both vegetarians, from expert and beginning and non-vegetarians alike, Vegfest is a place encouraging everyone to learn about new foods and lifestyle options.

At Vegfest attendees to learn what to eat, where to buy great ingredients and food and how to cook them at home. With free health screens and a large knowledgeable staff, it is a fun way to learn and grow. This year, Vegfest is held at the Seattle Center’s Exhibition Hall on March 24 and 25, 2012. At the festival, experience cooking demonstrations from celebrated chefs, both local and across the county, taste samples of food from hundreds of different vendors and get the chance to speak and listen to nutrition experts about the benefits of vegetarian and vegan food choices. There is also a large selection of books available for purchase. Here is an example of what can be found at the festival.

Food Samples

foodsampling vegfest Vegfest 2012 Preview

(credit: vegofwa.org)

Probably the most exciting part of Vegfest is the food sampling. It is the place to experience some of the tastiest vegetarian and vegan food around. This year, over 200 companies will entice taste buds with fabulous food and flavors. From chili, to yogurt and spicy lemonades, there is plenty to sample and savor. Grub on some Mexican, American, Italian and Indian cuisines and everything in between. From lentils to garbanzo beans, puddings to doughnuts, no one will leave hungry. Many of the food items will be sold at a discount at the festival as well with all proceeds going to the Vegetarians of Washington organization.

Chefs/Nutrition Experts

cookingdemo Vegfest 2012 Preview

(credit: Thinkstock)

It is widely believed that a vegetarian diet can prevent most common diseases prevalent in society today and that the practice of these diets can play a large role in avoiding illness and chronic pain. Many experts that hold these beliefs will be present for this year’s Vegfest allowing participants to ask questions, get advice and learn from some of the best minds in the field. To coincide with the talks, cooking demonstrations are free to the public and coordinated by the local natural market, PCC. Here, celebrated chefs show how fun, varied and delicious vegetarian food is in the meat free world. Come and learn the latest in health and nutrition and get some good cooking ideas.

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If listening to the experts and sampling food isn’t enough, check out the extensive book selection. Literally hundreds of book on nutrition, cooking and the vegetarian lifestyle are available for purchase. With books from across the globe, from every cuisine and numerous ingredients, there is a book for everyone from beginning vegetarians and cooks to the most practiced. There are also children’s books and cookbooks for kids to choose from.

Kid Fun

facepainting Vegfest 2012 Preview

(credit: Thinkstock)

Don’t leave the little ones at home. Kids can join the party too with a special section just for them. With face painting and couple of crazy clowns, it is a great place to learn about healthy food, healthy eating and healthy living. There is even a food tasting section just for them.


Vegfest is run entirely on volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to teach vegetarians what to eat, where to buy goods and what is new to the market. It is also a nice way to help others and to learn. And if that wasn’t enough, this year each volunteer gets a free 2012, locally designed Vegfest T-shirt and free admission to the event.

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Denise LaCaille is a freelance writer living in Seattle. She graduated from the University of Washington and is passionate about the local food scene. Every weekend youll find her at farmers markets scouring for the freshest ingredients to create healthy dishes for her food blog she writes with her twin sister. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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