John Nichols, Trymaine Lee, Peter Welch, & Eric Boehlert Join Ed Today On the Ed Schultz Show!

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for the Nation, joins the 1st hour of today’s show to discuss ALEC’s role in Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

Trymaine Lee, Senior Reporter for the Huffington Post, joins the 2nd hour of today’s show to discuss Wednesday’s “no confidence” vote of Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Jr.

Rep. Peter Welch, D-VT, joins the 2nd hour of today’s show to discuss the Paul Ryan budget.

Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America, joins the 3rd hour of today’s show to discuss Media Matters’ radio campaign against Rush Limbaugh.

Ben Jealous, President and CEO of the NAACP, joins the 3rd hour of today’s show to discuss the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL.

Mitt Romney got exactly the boost he needed Wednesday in the form of an endorsement by former Florida governor Jeb Bush, a move that came as GOP leaders and rank-and-file Republicans appeared to be coalescing around his presidential candidacy the day after a decisive primary victory in Illinois. We’ll bring you the latest.

Roy Blunt approached a fellow Republican on the U.S. Senate floor a few weeks back and made a pitch for Mitt Romney, their party’s presidential front-runner, who is pushing to nail down the elusive Republican nomination. We’ll give you the details.

Blown out in Illinois, Rick Santorum now has a far tougher path to the Republican presidential nomination and looks more like he is reduced to playing the role of spoiler against rival Mitt Romney. We’ll talk about it.


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